Wednesday, March 25, 2009

watch the watchmen

image taken from wikipedia.

Went to watch the Watchmen...frankly speaking before i've seen the trailer i've never heard of this graphic novel before.

After i've seen the cool trailer, it lured me to watch the film. before hand, i've read some reviews of the movie, saying that this movie is abit special because it reveals the darker side of superheroes. hmm..ok, this would be something different, furthermore it's directed by the "300" directors, a movie which i prefer much enjoyed.

Yup, and in the movie, it really has some very special cool effects, haha, although this time there's no more head getting cut off and spiralling in slow motion in air>_<.

Surprising it was a 2 hour and 45 mintues movie..hmm..and luckily it did not hang in the middle and tells you the story shall be continued in episode 2, like most superheros trilogy. but i'm not sure whether this would be make into a trilogy.

I would say, watchmen is something worth to watch amidst all those superheroes movies out there. it shows the harsh reality of life, even superheroes can't run away from age and politics. it's definetly not those average superhero type of movies that glorify superheroes.

I left the cinema with quite a heavy heart...haha, i think the movie shows too much of reality...sometimes too much reality makes u don't enjoy the movie as much. but overally, i stil think it as a movie worth watching in cinema.


  1. hehe .. i watched this together with terence and eileen. they both also say it's a good movie. ;)