Friday, March 27, 2009

Cape Number 7

image taken from wikipedia.

Cape number 7 (海角七号) was the acclaimed best selling movie of Taiwan. a friend of mine strongly recommend me to watch it, so i bought a dvd and watch it at home as i don't know why it is not shown in local cinema.

The movie was a surprising 2 hours which is quite long for a chinese film. it start off quite slow..oh well..i think the reason is that because it may be abit artistic style of movie, so i waited patiently.

And so i waited and waited and waited....

Ngaiti....i was wondering how long do i need to wait till i see something good? I don't want to judge the movie before i finish it, after all, i wanted to know what is there to watch in Taiwan's best selling movie.

Luckly towards the end part then it start to get a bit better as the pace becomes faster.It appears that i put too much anticipation on's unlike the last best selling Korean movie i watched (My Sassy Girlfriend) but then again maybe i'm not suppose to compare Taiwan with Korea in terms of the quality of movies...

Actually Cape No.7's story is quite good, but somehow they lack the spice to spice up the movie...hmm..i suppose Taiwan still got a long way to go then.

Oh...but i do like the theme song:)

hmm..overall i think the movie is just ok lo.


  1. hey, i recommend u watch Knowing. Very good movie. =)

  2. ya, i've watch it oledi! quite a nice movie...haha,with a really unexpected ending...i got scared by it abit though...the graphics are disturbingly real.

    yalo, pretty busy these days..even need to spend alot of time at work in weekends>_<