Monday, February 8, 2010

Blogging on Air!

Yeah…today I’m going back home to Kuching to attend a good friend’s wedding. Previously I’ve made my Skybus payment via online (cheaper RM2.50) but I forgot to print out the itinerary. I was cracking my brains on how I’m going to show the Skybus staff that I’ve already made my payment, else I have nothing to prove and I’ll have to pay the additional RM9 bus fee. So I took out my laptop and show the softcopy version to them! Haha, I think this was quite a funny and creative way but anyway it’s better if one could print out the itinerary to avoid the hassle.

I arrived a bit earlier on to LCCT today so I was going around looking for Breakfast. It turns out those fast food chain in LCCT pricing is more expensive than those in cities and they don’t have those Breakfast value meals. The cheapest I found is an Egg Burger + Coffee Combo of RM4.70 in Marry Brown.

I walk pass MCD, Mary Brown, Old town all pricing is a bit expensive for me. Haha I’m imagining myself as a student with no much money so I got to find the cheapest available breakfast in LCCT!

Beside Mary Brown, there’s an Emporium. I found that they got sell Gardenia Bread! Haha, those RM0.60 Gardenia Bun is the most cheapest breakfast you can get in West Malaysia. Even in LCCT, the price is still standard. No wonder I saw some customers took a basket full of Gardenia Breads! I think maybe they’re buying for their staff working here perhaps?

So I got myself a RM1.80 mini 200ml Peel Fresh orange juice and in total I just spend RM2.40 for breakfast in LCCT! Fufufu…I suddenly felt very proud of myself for able to find a cheap breakfast! Hehe, plus I go grab a free Malay Mail and sit outside MC-D to eat (without ordering MC-D food). Hm.. normally I would have grab an ice-cream in order to make myself to not look like a free loader but my tummy is still too early in the morning for that:P

Hmm…there’s no Wifi in those fast food store in LCCT except Starbucks, but I think in the waiting place before departure they have. I saw the sign but I didn’t use it. Hmm…I wonder when Wifi would be available inside planes?

After I checked in, I saw that now they’ve assigned a staff to test carry your hand luggage. I suppose they did it to manually measure the weight of your hand luggage, probably if it’s too heavy they would ask you to check in your luggage which would cost you additional RM15. Luckily I didn’t bring much stuff home.

When I put my luggage through the X-Ray checking point, the staff told me to open my luggage as he wanted to check on some weird un-normal looking things.

Haha, it turns out to be my good old cassette. Hmm… I think it’s because cassette is very uncommon nowadays and perhaps it looks like a dangerous weapon? Haha I was afraid the staff might want to check for pirated cassette and may want to take it away…but then…yalor…all cassettes are original right? :P

The reason why I bought those cassettes over to KL is because my car here is using cassette player instead of CD. But after the player “ate” one of my cassettes I decided to bring them all home and to retire them to become antics shelves display at my room.
Oh.. By the way, I’m using an MP3 modulator at my car now. It is a much cheaper and better choice than CD player. You can keep much more music and you wouldn’t be afraid of police stopping you to take away your pirated CDs>_<

The journey from KL to Kuching normally takes around 1 hour & 45 minutes. It is actually quite a long time if you have nothing to do…economic airplane seats are not the most comfortable ones to sleep and they don’t have Lobsters:P

I quite envy those West Malaysian people that they can go back to their home town in the weekends just by driving whereas East Malaysians have to go back by plane. Even if they are able to build a bridge but the immense size of South China Sea don’t know would take you how many hours of driving…hmm.. Perhaps I should use days?

Luckily there’s Air Asia, else I would not be able to come home frequent. Haha, I think it’s almost 10 years since I last board MAS.

I was about to doze off in flight when I suddenly remember while the flight stabilized you’ll be able to use electronic products. So, I asked a flight attendant for confirmation and next thing I know, I’m blogging my first post ever done on plane!

This is Houg, signoff at blah blah blah thousand feet above ground:)


  1. Good to hear your first time blogging on air. About the gardenia bread, you know what.. there is one time I'm at lcct, then my sister goes to find the bread that her friend wants. I tot it's a special bread or what. Guessing..har, it's 'High 5' bread. Somemore want to buy many back to Sibu. Nearly faint..

  2. haha yalo...dunno why they don't export to sarawak & sabah, maybe to prevent competition?