Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar & Siaw Hui wedding.

Two weeks before CNY, I traveled back to Kuching to attend a friend’s wedding. Luckily I was able to book early and the fare was quite cheap, both way only cost me RM68.

I’ve known the bride, Siaw Hui back in my Uni days. It was my semester break and I was looking for part time jobs. I happen to saw a notice board in Kuching Civic Center library and so I called her up and went there for an interview of a waiter’s position.

The name of the café was called “Daydream” and the place was quite a bit off the road and I remembered the first time when I met her. I got a 0.5 stun as I didn’t expect to meet up someone pretty haha. I was instantly put into work without interviewing and next minute I’m already carrying dishes and wiping and clearing tables. I even need to borrow handphone from her to inform my parents that I’ve gotten a part time job as my handphone was low bat that time.

So that is how I became a “Daydreamer”. Daydream was only 6 months old when I joined and I was quite proud to be first student from Batu Lintang Secondary School to work there. Hehe, it was quite fun to see that as years goes by, I was able to recognize all those faces from Batu Lintang waiter/waitress that worked there and I’m able to think of myself as some sort of pioneer haha.

Slowly I got more familiarize with Siaw Hui and her friends and I was quite surprised that we do have some friendship chemistry. This is something new for me in a way that this is the first time I build up a friendship outside friends from my school circle. So when we’re not working, we would go to have a drink/dinner, watch movies or even go for outing trips.

Hehe, my Daydream friends is guilty as charged for being the first gang to bring me to Karaoke. The first song I sang in karaoke is Jay Chou’s “星晴” from his first album and they say I sing quite ok and this is how I became a Karaoke Addict:P

This is the first time I become a “sister” of the bride. I helped out with some of the preparation of the games for the bridegroom’s “brother” and to print out the “love declaration” letter. The love declaration is written by Siaw Hui herself and is quite original and perfectly portrays her mischievous and down-to-earth humor.

Another funny thing is that the letter is written in Chinese which the bridegroom doesn’t understand, therefore he needs a translator to read it out to him before he can read out the declaration himself.

Their dinner was held in Pullman hotel, Kuching. It’s the newest hotel in town and this was also the first time I’ve been there. The place was beautifully decorated and the food taste good too.

I met an inspiring person on my same table. He’s in a wheelchair, getting government socso living allowance but this does not stop him from just being someone on wheelchair awaiting help only. He even run his own textile printing business and is quite an optimistic person. He even joked that he is the most crazy wheelchairer in town, constantly going around socializing, doing business like normal people do. Wow, I feel honored to know someone like this and I think it is quite inspiring for others.

Here's more pics of the wedding day.

They specially rent and decorated a bus for 'brothers' and 'sisters'.

Frozen bananas...brothers gotta eat this!

another obstacles, brothers gotta do push up while finishing licking chili sauce on the plate below their face>_<

Bear bear getting married:)

Sisters posing


what are they plotting? hmm....

show me the money~

white sisters gang posing, luckly i wear white...the bride forget to inform me!

wah..got "tang yuan"..hehe very happy can eat "tang yuan"

Piggy bank, XXXL, gotta have one of these!

Siaw Hui is a good girl and I believe she’ll make a good wife. Haha, This is Houg, signing off with a big cheers for the newly wed.

Siao Hui, 要幸福喔:)

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