Sunday, June 20, 2010

Full Metal Alchemist

Finally Full Metal Alchemist has come to an end...

I've been following this manga (short for FMA) for a few years via recommendation from my bro. It remains one of the best manga i've ever seen with it's uniquely original story. It is unique because previously there was no manga that touches about alchemy as a main subject. The world, the rules, the characters of FMA are all portrayed in details and you can feel that alot of effort is being made to research it.

The story is also unique in a way that it portrays some really harsh reality. It started off with two brothers trying to use a banned alchemy technique to revive their dead mother, The attempt ended in failure, not only their mother was not revived, the younger brother's life is also taken away because of the equivalence exchange rule of alchemy,

"if you want to gain something, you must contribute something of equal value in return"

The older brother, not wanting to lose another person in his life again, make a desperate decision to save his younger brother, he performed the ritual again and offer one of his hand and leg to secure his younger brother's soul in which he imbue it into an armor, so somehow securing his life. The older brother later have their friends make a mechanical arm and leg for him. Wow, at that moment i was thinking if i've have the courage to make this kind of decision if i'm in their shoes.

Thus, the two brothers set off on their journey to look for a method to regain their own body back. And of course along the journey they met many friends and foes and uncover many tales of adventures and mysteries.

This manga is one of those epic manga that one manga reader should read before they die!

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