Sunday, August 15, 2010

My 2 Years in KL Report Card

Wow, time flies…. I’ve already been in KL for 2 years now. So it’s a good time to do a self evaluation of what I’ve achieved and where I need to improve. Hehe actually I missed out my yearly evaluation for 2009 and planning for 2010 so I combine it all in this post:P

1. Career – Yeah..i’m glad that I took the brave leap for myself to come to KL to seek a better career. I like the job scope and the challenges, the fact that the company is stable, although pay is not too high, but it’s still o.k. for the moment and I’m glad that I’m able to save up some money.

2. Girlfriend – Hehe, this is more of my personal achievement that ended my years of single status quo. Being in a relationship taught me a lot of thing in life, broaden up my horizon, and makes me a more mature person.

3. Personal Financing – Having item 1 & 2, it further propels me to have a better grip of my personal financial planning. Learned quite a lot of stuff by myself and I don’t think I would be this encouraged to do so if I’m still in my own comfort zone in Kuching.

4. Cantonese – Yes, after 2 years in KL, my Cantonese still sucks. Feel quite pai seh lar,,,ooppss…that is Hokkien, see what I mean? Learning new language is certainly not my strong point and I still have a long way to go.

5. Driving skill – Haha, driving constantly in KL really would improve one’s driving (& swearing) skills, especially when there’s so many KNS driver out there, plus many confusing road sign and traffic directions. Due to the fact that I’ve spend all my skill point investing in my driving skill, at the same time it makes me an noob in KL public transportation>_<

6. Communication skill – I’ve felt that I need to improve in this area, especially public speaking. Yes, it is another challenge for me to step out of my comfort zone to improve myself. Initially I did thought of joining a martial art club, but then I’ve felt that it is more important for me to improve on my communication skill at this stage of life since I’ve already did martial art previously. So, I signed up for Toastmaster club!

7. Sport – I’ve played new sport~ Tennis. I’ve also glad that there’s still Basketball kaki here which I can still participate time to time so that I wouldn’t lose my touch and passion. Football~ Haha although I’ve not played it but I learned quite a lot of stuff by reading “The Sun” football section and now I’m able to engage in Football conversation!

Hehe, I’ll stop at 7 because 7 is a good number. (Actually it’s because I’m lazy to think more) It’s time to wrap things up and get pumping for the future. The Best is Yet To Come! :)


  1. hehe thanks man, nice to hear from you:)

    hope you're doing well too:)

  2. Wow, not bad, bro!!! not bad. Glad 4 u.
    Well, there's a few stuff i noticed changed too, perhaps u there i here, and also stuffs i think u can or should improve or get into, jz my own opinion.
    none the less, great achievements, my fren.
    btw, wat got into u, suddenly blog so much dy??

  3. sudden burst of youth energy.....:P