Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not So Brave

Wah~ i was quite nervous when preparing and practicing this speech for the Toastmaster humorous competition, i think i rehearse around 10 times plus! I am glad that i'm able to deliver the speech smoothly. Hehe, a good start from me, hope to do better next time. so below here is my speech:)

Graduation Trip, The last trip you take before you step into the working world!

How was your graduation trip like? Was it interesting? Was it fun? Was it enjoyable?

Back in 2006, My friends and I, 5 of us, had just completed our degree courses. Having studied and lived our life so far in Kuching, Sarawak. We decided that we should plan something special for our graduation trip, and so we choose to visit KL.

The highlight of our graduation trip is our trip to Genting Highland Theme Park. This was actually a first time experience for us all, so it’s quite fun as we explore the place together.

The First stop, The Spinner~

It is the first game located just after the entrance, it like a more extreme version of Mary-Go-Round. You have this many individual seats, which is connected to a long wire and as they spin faster and faster your seat will slant until 60 degree flying in the air.

It is still considered not too extreme and it’s the perfect warm up!

As it started to spin, we started to shout as the spin gets faster and higher. Suddenly I received a revelation.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know the reason of having a barricade around the spinner? Beside for anti-collision purpose it actually serves another purpose which I figured it out at that very moment.

To protect you from saliva! Yes, Saliva! I remembered I accidentally release a few drops of saliva for being too excited. Judging from the height and speed of the Spinner, I wouldn’t be surprise if some of it flew~ beyond the barricade and landed on some un-fortunate by-standers face. So Ladies and gentlemen, next time, don’t stand too near the barricade.

Next it’s the Roller Coaster ride. Initially I hesitated because I think it may be too extreme for me, but then my friends provoked and teased me of being “Not So Brave”. This is because previously we had dinner at Nandos and I ordered the least spicy one in which they have a little green flag written “Not So Brave” on top the chicken.

I was thinking “How can I let a chicken insult me like that? I’ll show that chicken…oh…I mean my friends that I am brave enough to take the challenge!”

Before we knew it, we are already seated in the roller coaster and as it plunged into the first dive I already started to regret but it’s too late. All Five of us are already screaming our lungs out like a little girl....Ahhhh!!!! The sudden speed and adrenalin rush is quite unbearable for me especially for the fast 360 degree turn and the bad thing is that there’s nothing you can do about it but to continue screaming along. Because if you don’t scream you’ll feel more uncomfortable as the pressure would build up inside your body so you can only scream to let it out. I even screamed until one point I got too exhausted whereby I actually need to take a few heavy breaths…..and started screaming again.

Finally Thank God, the ride came to a stop. I was so thrilled that it’s finally over. My friends and I were trembling slightly and it took us a few minutes before we are able to walk and talk properly again.

The roller coaster was a thrilling experience worth to try at least once before you die. I’m glad that I did take up the challenge and specially proved that I AM “Brave Enough”. However I think this one time experience is already enough to last me for a lifetime.

We had a wonderful time in our graduation trip, serving both as an eye-opener and life’s lesson. Graduation Trip is special because that’s the last trip you can enjoy yourself as a student and getting student discount too. Oh..Unless you have a young face like mine, which I admit I use it a few times for student discount even though I’m working already. It is important that you have the most fun out of it as you may not be able to enjoy this much of fun anymore in your future working life.

As we grew older we’ll eventually need to take up more responsibility and adhere to more rules of the society which would slowly strip our innocence apart bit by bit. Most importantly is that we try to remain young-at-heart and to achieve balance in our lives.

Over to you.

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