Sunday, December 4, 2011


What would you do? If you're diagnosed with cancer, and your survival chance is 50/50?

50/50 is about a movie whereby a young guy got diagnosed with cancer and how he deal with it. I saw this movie review by the sun newspaper and it has given quite a good review quoting a good acting performances. Hmm....most of the time, i usually only go to watch big budget blockbusters movie. Since i have nothing to do this weekend and wanted to reward myself, I decided to take the road less travel this time.

None of the people i know ever seen this movie before, so it's like taking a small gamble which i solely depends on the sun newspaper review. I later go check out the trailer and found that there's Seth Rogen in it, the funny guy who played the Green Hornet. Ok, i think he's quite funny so it gave me more reason to watch it. But the main reason i wanna watch this movie is because i want to watch something different, to watch a meaningful movie about life.

The lead actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt put up quite a good acting performance which i'm glad that the reviewer is right. I instantly recognize his previous works such as Leonardo Dicaprio's partner in Inception and also, COBRA COMMANDER from GI JOE!

The movie is quite funny and has many sex jokes. Of course they are a few serious and touching moments as well. Basically, it tells us to cherish our life. Sometimes amidst a busy working life, we may tend to forget what is important and neglect the important person around us. That is why, watching this sort of movie is a good reminder and at the same time it does provide entertainment value as well together with the lesson.

You don't really need very big budget to make a good film, the very essence of the film is good storyline and good acting. When watching i really felt a connection to the actor and i was really hoping that he can get through it.

Overall, this is one good movie that is valuable and recommended!

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