Monday, December 12, 2011

First Blood

"They made me do it....They drop the first blood!"

Nope this entry is not about Rambo: First Blood, nor it is about DOTA: First Blood.

It is about my first blood..................................................donation:P

I was in Tropicana City to catch 50/50. Initially i plan to drop by Borders for some free-magazine reading before the show and then i saw this blood donation drive.

I've never did any blood donation in my life before. Since i'm going to watch a special meaningful movie about how a cancer victim overcome life's challenges, i feel that i should go do my own part for the society...not as being an empty talker but today i enter a new level to become an action doer! "Walk the Talk" as what people say.

Furthermore, the one registering in front of me is a young lady so as a MAN, i have no reason to chicken myself.

So i go to proceed to register my name and filling up some forms. There is a particular interesting question that caught my attention.

"Were you in Ireland/Britain etc during the year etc to year etc..." Erhm...why do they need to know this? After asking, it turns out there was a MadCow disease outbreak during that period so they just need to take precaution just in case.

After the form, next is the blood sampling and testing. They use a tiny long object to "shoot" at your finger, resulting a tiny little hole in your finger to get a few drops of blood to test your blood type. The shooting is something like a red ant's bite. Not painfull at all, ladies and gentlemen.

Then, for the first time in many years. I get to know what is my blood type, I'm "A".

 Next i proceed to lie down on the make-shift bed. The nurse began to scrub some medication on my left arm and began to look for the main vein. As she took the needdle and as it about to make contact i turned my head away. I couldn't bear to see the long foreign metalic thing entering my skin. Wa...i wonder how those Thaipussam guys did it.

But surprisingly the pain level is only like 2 red ant's bite. It only tooks a few minute to see the blood bag filling up. They would give you a small plastic pipe for your left hand to grab as this motion would speed up the blood flow. In total there was about 440ml of my blood being donated. After the bag is filled, they just took out the needle and apply some medication and give a plaster tape. Surprisingly as easy as the blood flow out, it is as easy as the wound close up as well.

After everything is done you'll be given a cert! Hehe, very good i can add this to my cert collection.

There is only one regret that i have is that i didn't take the free milo and biscuit because i was rushing to catch the movie but other than that i leave the place being quite proud of myself as i contribute something to society today.

This is what it looks like a few days later, you can hardly see the wound.

Hehe, so do your part next time! It is free and it takes less than 30 minutes. Donate your blood if you are able to, it might save someone's life.

P.S. I didn't feel drowsy at all after the blood donation, maybe i was pumped up feeling very excited that i did something good that day:)

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