Thursday, April 17, 2008

my rush rush weekend KL adventure

haha, suddenly realize that i've slacked off from posting. the main reason being that i'm currently busy with job hunting and arranging interview and flying to west malaysia for the interview itself.

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last thursday night i went to KL to attend two interview on friday and two interview on monday. it was quite some last minute decision, the monday interview was a last minute add on so i need to reschedule my flights. from RM430, i need to add additional RM115 to reschedule my flight. reason being that i bought a two way ticket and they still charged administration fees for both way even though i only change my return schedule.

i was thinking...KNS...haven't even step into plane yet still need to pay up RM115, it's almost like buying another one way ticket. The officer even agreed with me, saying that the return flight is RM119 on monday night.

very soi (unfortunate) also that night when my dad from me at the airport as i grab my bag from the car the handle broke off and i end up need to carry the whole thing. another soi thing is when i got off from skybus and take a taxi, i got slashed by the taxi driver, paying RM30 plus...which is almost tripple pay. ngaiti i even have a good time talking to him...kek tiok>_<

i arrive at my friend's place almost 12am. After discussing arrangement of transport and how to travel around for my next day's interview i quickly drop off to bed at 130am. strange...arriving in KL, i don't feel that tired at that late hour compared if when i'm in Kch. weather influence?

i didn't get to sleep very well that night as i constantly wake up. thanks to the guy sleeping beside me who always flip here and there. another reason is maybe due to the fact that i know that i'm not sleeping comfortably at my familiar bedroom back in kuching...sob..sob..

but luckly it need not affect my next day's mental & spirit for the interview. i woke up at 645am to prepare and went to catch taxi 715am. The interview is scheduled to be at 1030am but to avoid getting stuck in traffic jam and being unfamiliar with the place i've no choice to go there early. and i arrive too early....i arrive at 8am and spend my time at the coffe shop having my breakfast, watching tv and also preparing for the interview.

i ate wantan mee. it looks like kampua mee + wantan soup. haha, taste not so nice lo:P that moment i already miss kolo mee liao>_<

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the first interview was good and the boss offered me on the spot. i am to give him a reply in three days time. after the interview at damansara, i need to go for another interview at wangsa maju in 3pm which is located at another end of town. i took a taxi to kelana jaya train station.

i looked at the chart and saw wangsa maju at the other end of the route. wah seh... luckily i got a place to seat at the LRT. time seems to pass very very slowly along the trip...and most of the time i was half asleep.

luckly there's no old folks around so i stil can get to sit along the journey. wah seh.. if stand through whole journey i think my leg kenot stand>_<

oh ya, i forgot to take my ticket as i went through the blockage at the entrance to the LRT. i ended up need to pay extra for another ticket... i dunno why i suddenly blured.

i arrived at wangsa maju station 1 hour plus early. thinking that i am plenty of time, i decided to take a walk to my interview place as it seems very close on the map. i walked and ate my sandwitch lunch...and walked and walked and walao...i ended up at the same place!

i suddenly feel like wanting to knock my head on the wall. so i guai guai (obidiently) take a taxi to go there. i should have taken my friend's advice to take taxi, as while i walk i sweat and i feel abit tired after that.

further more, before the interview, beside the applicaiton form, i need to do a personality test, IQ test and a HTML test which has time limit. The IQ test was quite challenging and it was my first time doing an IQ test for an interview. The HTML test was a disaster as i didn't touch a single bit since uni, which is almost 2 years. but luckly i was still able to write a few thing, i even put down a note appologizing that i'm completely unprepaired for the HTML test:P

among my sibling i'm worst at IQ puzzle games. although i find it fascinating but i'm not that keen to spend my time on it. Just like when watching the Da Vinci Code,

image taken from here

i'm also fascinated by how they solve complex puzzle but i'm not so keen to fully understand the backstage mechanism and how they actually solve it.

ok la...i admit i'm lazy. but i'm not that stupid also>_<

(the interviewer later said that i did quite good for the IQ test)

but the interview did not went too well. at first i was interviwed by the IT manager. things are ok with him, until he called in the H.O.D which would be my future manager to report to. when she come in, she began to point out my mistake here and there and pour cold water.

of course, i did try to defend myself, but overally she spoiled the interview mood and by the look of the IT manager's face, i think he also agrees with me. but at least in the end, the overally mood was ok. i was suprise that she suddenly say i did quite good for the IQ test.

they are to call me up next week for confirmation. i went off without much anticipation from this one. i was feeling abit depressed. hmm...but i was thinking that i got two more interviews in monday so i must work harder!

wah seh...i've written so long liao.. haha continue part 2 later~


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