Monday, April 28, 2008

my last sbd training....

last sunday was my last Soo Bahk Do training.

picture was taken during 2006 soo bahk do tournament, where we sapu 7 gold, wakakaka.

haha, it was probably going to be my last one as i would be going to KL to work next month. while at work over there i don't think i would continue at a different dojo.

as i look back, wow, it's already almost 6 years since i joined SBD!

here's from my post last year about soo bahk do last year in my old frenster blog.

the most important thing that i gained from SBD is the confidence that i've gained frm it. although it's much better to avoid conflict and i'm not a very good fighter as well, but in case if that really happens, then at least i'll know what to do. that confidence is really something very comfort as you walk down the street or when u're outside. at least u know how to protect yourself or your love ones when situation requires.

haha, it's a pity that i couldnt' get a black. master say that if i continued to this year end, i'll be eligible to take the test. haha, but stil in the corner of my heart, i still fear to chop the brick. not one, but two! although it's not compulsory that you must break it (they actually want to test and see your determination.) but then the after injury that you gained would last a long long time>_<

really need to say a big thank you to my master who has been very patience and good in teaching us. and of course to all my seniors, and juniors for your advice, help and frenship along the way.

all the best, everyone, soo bahk!


  1. haha, aiyo u talk as if we are ah pek ah mar already>_<

    all da best to you2