Thursday, April 24, 2008

rush rush KL trip part2

well, friday nite, saturday and sunday is fun time in KL.

Visit Music Story Cafe

friday nite went to a nice music cafe you can request the singers there to sing songs for you. and wow, the singers there can sing really well. there's a couple of times whereby all the audience keep quiet just to hear them sing. the atmosphere there is also very gud.

my friend suggested to me whether i would want to consider to be a part time singer at music cafe when i come to work in KL. and at that moment i really did consider as i think it's not a bad idea! but then, i couldn't play a guitar, and i duno if i have the strength to take double jobs.

haha, besides, if you become a singer, you sing for the audience, not for your own joy. also, if compared to them the seasoned singers, i'm still a league apart>_<

sat morning sleep until matahari kena burit>_< . my friend take me to shopping centre to window shop hobby store. haha, i like to see those hobby store, but like to see only, i don't buy a single one. haha, it's weird, somehow i think it's just not worth the money:P

among the models i like is spawn, image taken from here.

and todd mcfarlane's dragons series, image taken from here.

oh ya, we also went to the arcade. where me and my friend played a shooting game, whereby using a shotgun. it was quite fun as it's different from a hand gun or automatic rifle type of game that i've previously played before as the shotgun reloads by sliding the pump below.

after whole day of window shopping, i suddenly feel a bit not right. it's like i'm lacking fresh oxygen supply as i've been in shopping complex for the whole day breathing artificial air. haha, or maybe i'm just tired. or i'm just getting too hot inside. not getting used to the weather in KL? haha, i now understand why she ask me this question. i tot it was a very funny question to ask, but now i understand it already as i feel it>_<

then on sunday we went to sing karaoke~~~. haha, i've been holding myself to go sing on saturday night as it's very expensive. so we went to lunch package which is more cheaper and comes with lunch and drink. we went to a karaoke named "New way" whereby it offers quite a good package. RM15 per head. 11-2pm. lunch and one drink provided. free flow of self-service salad frm 11-1pm. and if there's no customer, they're let you sing until 3pm! the room is equiped with four wireless mic and also has one private toilet. so far, this is the most worth-the-money karaoke that i've been to!

in KL, the rates can be different depending on the area the karaoke is located, the nearer to the city centre the more expensive. the one that we went to is somewhere in the suburb part.

image taken from here.

then in the afternoon we went to visit IKEA. haha, this is my first time visiting a furniture store for sight seeing, and for the joy of first time i decided to go ahead. and i'm pretty quite amazed of the sheer size (my friend say this is the biggest ikea store in south east asia) and the efforts of the furniture designers and interior decorators, different shopping and buying approach, the ikea that's what i called an international standard company~

really it's an eye opener experience for a kuching boy like me:) they even have their own caferteria in which we went to sit down to drink coffee and have some meat balls:P i really feel like a kid again, as i go and tested almost every chair in their exhibition showroom.

haha i was thinking also at that time as i saw many young couples shopping in ikea, when it would be my turn?:P cos i think couples that come together to buy furnitures are really quite stable already in their relationship, are like more moving towards settling down already haha.

i bought a blanket for my mum. my friend said that his friend bought one for his mum and although his mum complain y wasted money but she stil gladly use it as it can keep warm. haha....but sorry mum, that nite i went ahead and test it first whether it can really keep warm, and yeah...i think it does. it's strange cos the materials looks quite thin.

image taken from here.

on that nite went to a mamak store to eat roti canai. hmm... roti canai in kl are more advanced. they uses a different plate than kuching one. it has three different types of compartment whereby it stores three different types of curry:) haha, the roti canai that i ate is quite ok. but the teh tarik is really horrible la. no smell of tea at all. virtually tastless. one of my friend complained so much like it's plain water plus coloring only haha:P

haha, there it goes. there's two more interview on monday in which i need to work hard. time for more research to do~.

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