Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adventure to Bukit Tabor

Last Sunday morning I need to drag myself up at 6am to go climb Bukit Tabor which is located in Wangsa Maju. This mountain is so far the most challenging mountain that I’ve ever climbed before. me, my friend, and my friend's friend, three guys set off early in the morning in high spirit for our conquest.

My first challenge that I encounter is a whereby I need to jump from one rock to another rock. The rock is quite high from the ground almost like one storey high.
Actually the method of doing it right is to use a little speed to push you forward and you sort of take a big step.

haha, suddenly feel like wanting to draw stick man to illustrate the situation. please forgive me for the ugly drawing as i use mouse and draw it in Paint.

But then I get into the wrong position, as I slowed down and I ended up crouching on the middle of the rock. By crouching, I’ve end up gotten myself in a bad position and by that time i was afraid stand up completely from my crouch as I don’t have a lot of space to do so.

Damn…I think I was stuck there about 2 minutes trying to adjust myself to a better position. It was quite scary actually because if I trip, I’ll fall off and wish everyone sayonara. But then I don’t dare to be afraid, as I knew fear would make my legs shaky and that would only make things worst. I concentrated and focus on my friend’s advice on the correct way to move. Finally, I was able to make by myself at last. Phew….ngaiti…after I reached a safe zone, my defenses quickly drop down and I started to swear and I finally allowed my legs the chance to get shaky.

My second challenges involve a downhill slope whereby you need to grab your hands on the rope and sort of jump down with your legs. It was first time attempting something like this.

I got into the wrong position again. I was not using my legs as my legs slip and it was hanging there and I ended using my hands to slowly let go and move my whole body down.

The third challenges require me to climb up an almost 90 degree cliff. There aren’t many big spaces for hands and footholds, and most of the time it would requires me to pull my whole body up and landed with my whole body on the top and landing on the ground. There’s no time think of anything else, beside focusing on the task before you and applying all your strength and attention to it.

During the climb, I saw few uncle auntie and girls and they seem to not having a problem with climbing. Haha, they’re veterans already and move as light as feather. They provided quite a contrast with me as a mountain climbing beginner and served well as a motivation that if they can do it, so can I!

Oh, the view is quite nice it, as you see the nearby damp, the scenery from far away mountains, tress, houses and even the polluted KL city centre areas. You can really see a thick layer of smoke surrounding the area. There’s also one spot which my friend called it the little man’s kingdom. As along the walk path, the tree on both side is quite short, and you need to bend your body to walk. But then the little man’s kingdom is quite a nice sight, with all those green moss which really felt like carpet.

There's also a river nearby which i gladly lay myself onto it after the climb. wow, the feeling of cool water flowing rapidly down your body really is fantastic especially after a climb.

This climb was quite challenging and a bit dangerous for me. But then undeniably, it was also very exciting, too exciting perhaps, I need some take to let my heart rest before it gets too excited. I was also quite proud that I’ve able to conquer it. Mountain climbing skill+1, Haha, I joked to my friend that this is mountain of pain and it would require me at month’s rest before embarking to another mountain climbing trip, hopefully more safer one:P

a bunch of thanks to yuen for bringin me to the place and for his mountain climbing guidance:)


  1. If im in the situation of the owner of this blog. I dont know how to post this kind of topic. he has a nice idea.

  2. haha. no wonder u dun wanna go there the second time lar..:P
    i din think u were so active in singing until i looked at ur blog hahaa... and liking in leng lui also hahah..when yuen leave u're gonna get lonelier lor hahha..come out and play ball sometimes lar... BASKETBALL ok...haha..supergay.. =.=lll

  3. haha tanks for the comment. oh ya, if weather is gud, i'll go n play.