Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

recently watched The Incredible Hulk, and unexpectedly it's quite a good movie!

i enjoyed it alot, much as i enjoyed Ironman. firstly, it was not the film me and my housemate intended to watch, and i didn't put a lot of high expectation on it, just curious to see how it's done. was a good movie. even my girl housemate also say it's good. i've read an newspaper article, saying that Ironman is a new style superhero movie as it potrays Ironman as quite reckless and do whatever he wants to do...hmm...something like upcoming movie "Hancock" which i think would be interesting to watch too. they say that Ironman overally is quite funny and creates a more sort of happy superhero image.

but then, the story of incredible hulk is sad. i think i quite like it that way, superhero sad story. it sort of makes them more great that they're taking alot of sacrifices because they cannot live a normal life. yeah...Bruce Banner's girlfren is a great girlfren really hard to find someone like that, that would still believe in Bruce even after she knew he became the Hulk.

i've never seen Ann Lee's version of the Incredible Hulk but i heard that it's not as good as this one. i think main reason is that, Ann Lee focus more on the inner struggle of Hulk's character and miss out alot of actions. haha, i think...for movies like the Hulk, you gotta have tons of actions, display of brute force...oh yeah...the way Hulk tore up police car to smash Abomination is so cool>_< oh yeah...for superhero movies, you gotta have supervillian as well. i don't know whether Ang Lee's Hulk got supervillian or not. but this Hulk's supervillian Abomination is also quite cool, and both fought in brute strength haha.

haha, and i certainly didn't expect the highlight at the end of the story whereby another famous marvel comic character appeared. it's definetly a movie worth watching at cinema:)

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