Tuesday, October 28, 2008

meeting up dad

went to meet up my dad last night as he was here to work for a few days. it's been quite some time since i met him, and seems like everytime i met him, he seems to grow more white hair.

sign..seeing him like that makes me feel that i am no longer young and my dad is getting older day by day. Feel that i should improve myself more, be more mature, work hard for a good career, and live a healthy life to make my parents less worry and proud. furthermore i feel more obligated being the eldest to set a good example for my brothers.

parents cannot stay together with us forever, that's why we need to grow up and next time we will be raising our own children. i hope i have the strength to go through in life, take the challenges of life, and hopefully meet up to my parent's expectation.

i'm quite look up to my dad, he's a good example to me. a very hardworking, responsible fellow and a very handyman at home. haha, i wonder if i would managed to learn half of his skills from him. although previously we don't really talk much, but undoubtly he's the person that i most respected in life.

i feel quite heavy hearted as i bid farewell to dad, haha, suddenly miss my old home in kuching. living outside made me miss home and my family more and makes me able to appreciate my family more. 3 more months to go before returning to kuching for CNY.

haha, really look forward to it:)


  1. haha, well....being the eldest it's quite true dat the responsibility is owez der. I thinked u shud help over watch your brothers lo. hehehhe. Well,u wish u hope u get wat u want- law of attraction"".

  2. haha, tanks for the wishes dude:)

    yeah, i will try my best. like your motto, live life no regrets!