Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blood Diamond

photo grabbed from wikipedia.

The movie is about 2hours and it's filled with action and lessons of life..Leonardo put up quite a good performance for this movie.

I was quite shock when i knew the plot of this movie, it was such an eye-opener. Never before that i've imagined those beautiful diamond that are symbol of love and joy could come from such a bloody and heart-torn background.

Some of the diamonds mines in Africa are controlled by feuding warlords that terrorize the land and the people. The worst and saddest story of them all is that they abuct children from villages to brainwash them into killing machines. I mean children should be in school or playing ball in the field,not taking drugs and taking up arms and killing people.

Everyone should watch this film and think about it themselves. It is up to consumer themselves to decide whether the diamond is conflicted or not.


  1. where u get tis movie? DId shu xia recommend it to u??

  2. i get the dvd frm danny,i've wanted to watch this movie but didn't get the chance until now.

    no le she din recommend me, y u say like tat?:P

  3. Bcoz i recommended the movie to shu xia and ask her to get u find it in my stacks of dvd got not, coz i remembered got burned, haha. But i guessed she forgot dy
    u shud pass the dvd to shu xia watch, gud movie to share