Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kuala Selangor+Sekinchang Adventure

Hehe, set foot on another new place away far far away from the busy and hectic city life=>Kuala Selangor+Sekinchang.

Luckly my roomate's grandma lives there so we got ourself a tourguide to bring us around:)

First stop we took our late lunch a restaurant by the river. And wow...this is one of the best seafood that i've ever tasted! cooking is nice and most importantly, the seafood is fresh:)

The bill, it's worth it:P

How do i know it's fresh? The fishing boat is just below the restaurant!

The restaurant we went to, recommend:)

Next stop, we went to see monkeys in Bukit Malawati as it is insisted by the tour guide. (There is another place call Bukit Melawati in Wangsa Maju).

I'm pointing to the monkey that is sitting on the canon:P

Notice the golden baby monkey? Can anyone tell me why the baby is golden but adult not golden???

The monkeys here are very familiar with people and you can feed them food! Luckily they didn't mistaken my banana for food>_< .

The monkeys here are more tamed than the ones i met in Bako National Park.

Be reminded that they are two type of monkeys, one which you see in this picture and ones that lives at the bottom of the mountain which is more aggressive. You are not advised to feed them! The way to differentiate bottom mountain monkey is that they don't have David Becham's hair like these dudes:P

Next stop, Sekinchang padi fields.

hmm...i've seen alot of beautiful photos of the green green padi field so i was quite excited when i finally reach there.

but then...somehow, i feel abit disappointed.'s not really as beautiful as i imagined. The pictures that I've seen previously looks better. Felt like being fooled by the camera, or maybe i didn't come at the most beautiful time???

Reminds me of Broga Hill

Conclusion, I'll be back for the Monkeys, not the Padi.

Haha, luckly the best is saved for the last.

At around 730pm we set off to Kampung Kuantan, the natural habitat of fireflies in Kuala Selanggor. It's around RM10 per person if you got 4 people. After we put on our safety jacket, we are guided to a sampan.

wow, this is the first time i sit in a traditional, man-powered pedal sampan.
i was quite nervous at first because the surface of the water is very close and there's nothing but darkness up front.

However, the fear was quickly erased as i begun to see little by little twinkling lights by the horizon. As we move closer, we are treated with one of the most beautiful and precious sights nature have to offer.

We are greeted by thousands and thousands of fireflies that is resting on the trees by the river. Never before I've seen so many fireflies in one place. The sight was truly a marvelous sight to behold, it's like Christmas trees on the riverbank!

The boatman took us very close to the trees until we are able to touch the leaves and even the fireflies too!(the trees are not tall, just above the water). Luckily that night there was no moon and we go there after the raining stop, so it's actually the best time to see fireflies^_^

Too bad fireflies cannot sing like cicada, or else it'll be something really out of this world haha. The sky was very clear that night filled with stars, hehe, we also got our own stars too down there by the river:)

Sign, cannot take photos as remembrance as it was too dark, but the wonderful image would remain with me for a very long long time:)

This is truly a Malaysian and world heritage, everyone should go and see it once in your lifetime while it's still there:)


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