Sunday, December 20, 2009

comic fiesta 2009

When i saw an advertisement about this event i knew i must go there!

As a small town boy, i'll never get such a chance, so since i'm in KL now and i'm such a hardcore anime and manga fan, nobody can stop me from going there~

So i gathered up my army of three little kitten: mike, my bro and i and we set off to conquer comic fiesta 2009 at sunway pyramid convention centre on 19th December.

My bro who is a more hardcore fan than me, deliberately come from Kuching to attend this event! Kudos for his spirit!

This was our first time attending such events, so we're not sure what to expect as well.

Hehe, none of us have been to Sunway pyramid convention centre, but luckily we spot some cosplayer in the complex, so we just follow them:P

The first cosplayer i took photo with, er...not sure who's she cosplaying but just by looking at the death scythe it's already worth it to take picture with her>_<

One of the most impressive cosplay is this towering Grande Ghost from Bleach!
We're joking how they made it up,e.g. just using a balloon to float it inside, or it's a combination of two people standing on top of another..haha, but i've only notice after i took this picture i can see the inside cosplayer's reflection behind the think layer of black veil.

The two guys from the three kingdom series game,haha, they did a good job on the costume and weapon!

Mr. Ichigo berserk hollow mode shopping for goodies...i saw a lot of ichigos that day.

Tifa of Final Fantasy posing for the shots.

I think he cos-played Squall quite good, he has the natural coolness of the character and the costume and weapon are quite lookalike as in the game. hmm..i'm wonder if he got draw Squall's scar on the head as well?

This guy is quite creative to play Mickey Mouse in Kingdom Hearts. Haha, but i think it would really freaked me off if suddenly see this version of Mickey Mouse at night!

Sexy Lara Croft..too bad didn't take picture with her haha.

Bleach arrancar dude and Naruto's Sasori. Notice the black circle patch of the arrancar dude and the fake puppet behind sasori...

I like this notice, very creative and funny, it's from LOTR.

This Orichimaru is also quite good, even have a fake snake!

L....With his lollipop. I think he's a friend of Orichimaru, haha, what do they have in common? Face white white lo.

Sid,Barret,Cloud and er...oii...why is there a SWAT Team member in the group?:P Cloud is one of the most hardest character to cosplay thank to his hair.

There's many on-stage cosplay performance and competition too.

i think the most important thing of on-stage cosplay performance is that you should have as many stage objects as you can that will make the audience easier to visualize.

Some are good, some are bad, there's funny ones and some are just pointless>_<
Some did a very bad singing performances but luckly there's one fantastic songbird to save the day in the end. the way, both the emcees are funny and did a good job too:) thing, cosplayer really like to dance. In the end all hell break lose and the stage become crowded. The Storm Troopers even joined the party!

Yup...most important is to have fun:)

The event ended around 630pm... and i bought myself a cute souvenier:)

Yeah...for first timer experience it's definitely worth it. In future, i'll like to attend bigger comic convention like those held in Singapore, hehe:)


  1. Hi,

    I was the Squall, someone pointed me to this post and I just wanted to say thank you for your kind comments.

    Not to mention that it's a nice picture too! Thanks! :)


  2. wow, age of internet really amazing...didn't expect to find you here haha, you're welcome! did u draw the scar on Squall's face that day?

  3. Yup I did draw the scar on the face, if you view the picture you took of me on full size you can see a slight redish tint of scar on the forehead.

    Btw thanks again. :)


  4. Yalo yalo i zoom the picture and i saw it! wow, very good attention to details:)

  5. Hey I was just looking for the recent CF pics and I stumbled upon your blog.

    This is CF 2009 Lara Croft btw. :)


  6. wow...the internet is really amazing! nice to see you here, Miss Lara Croft!

    Although not able to take picture, but at least i know you drop by. hehe:P

    Thanks ya.

    Love Live Manga & Anime~