Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home Coming 2009

It's been around 6 month since i last went home. last trip back home was during CNY early this year. the feeling's totally different thought, CNY it feels like it's compulsory to go home for everyone, but this time, for me it feels like i wanna go home is only because i wanna go home.

Haha, the only setback when i get home is that the haze is terrible there during my trip back. it's already been two weeks since the last rain. supermarket has already ran out of stock of 5 litre mineral water. luckly on the day before i left, it finally rains.

I truly believe in the quote “there’s no place like home” All those familiar things that you grow up with, that you spend most of your time with, all the familiar faces and your family’s activity…..all those familiar things will surely warm you up, especially if you haven’t been home awhile and you’re living outside far away from home.

Among the changes that I discovered is that my backyard has become a shelter home for kittens, which is a work of my bro. I absolutely believe that he got influenced too much by the cuteness of kittens in anime that made him do this.

Wwah..long time didn't go to sunday market already. oh..for those of you not from kuching..we have a market whereby most ethic people came out from their kampungs to set up stalls to sell local goods in the weekends,so people called it sunday market.

Bamboo shoots.... hmm...i don't know whether if i spelled it correctly.

This is called "Nam". i missed it...i think it's only available locally and it's abit expensive too but is nice to eat.

Hhmmm...i think KL here the sugarcane color is not as thick as those in first i thought they put too much water and dilute it but then it maybe different species gua...

I remember i've one such toy from dad when i'm young and dad shows me how to play it at the red plastic bath tub at my old has a small motor inside whereby you use candle to lit it to run it...haha..really brings back happy childhood memories. i'm suprise my bro remembered it too!

My mum on the other hand has become a champion for recycling, which I think is good. Hmm….i don’t know where she get that influence from or if it’s self-motivated but nevertheless it’s a good thing. There’s a box to keep empty clean plastic bottles, the food waste we threw into a covered cylinder in backyard where it would use to become fertilizer for the vegetables planted in backyard. Other plastic product if it’s clean will be put into another bag. Clean waste papers will be stuffed between newspapers that are sold to the old newspaper uncle. When going to Sunday Market to buy stuff, she’ll put it in a reusable bag instead of using plastic bag. Hmmm….all these little actions will minimize the amount of rubbish thrown to the rubbish bin and make the world a little bit better:)

I miss my afternoon nap at my old house. It is very nice to have an afternoon nap at my old house because the sofa is situated just below the ceiling fan and once you close your eyes it’ll need you to take some effort to wake up, especially if you sleep like a pig:P oohh…I love it so much. That sofa also becomes my bed during my trip back. I didn’t sleep in my old bedroom as it is not as cooling as the living room sofa.

Haha, help my friend to do promo abit. This is my friend's fried mushroom stall, They've a stall operating in 101 avenue as well.

I was lucky as Kuching Festival is around when I’m back, furthermore my friend’s is operating at one of the stall there. But due to haze + H1N1…there’s lesser people going there this time….Sign…. means less Kuching mei mei to look at.

Kuching's South District Office, i think it looks like a blue hat:)

One little thing I regret I didn’t get to do is to sing k. instead I feel that I’ve spend too much time playing DOTA>_<. Yeah….although it’s fun to play with my old buddies, but if do more variety would make things more interesting right. Too bad I still need to bring back some of my work to do at home, else it will be a perfect no-work-just-play trip.

This is me posing in of an auction billboard in front of my ex-company, as you can see, they use me as a model for the auction billboard, it's beside the BDC roundabout, coming out from Hui Sing side. so please drop by and see if you pass by there, haha:P

I’m glad that things didn’t change much in Kuching… I miss Kuching a lot when I’m in KL. When I’m back in Kuching I rarely miss KL at all as it feels like I went back to time and I’ve never been to KL to work..haha, this homecoming was an enjoyable and relaxing one. Feel that I’m getting recharge up to undergo the challenges of life back in KL. I guess I should come home more then!


P.S. while I’m on the plane looking at air stewardess doing the flight security awareness stuff, I suddenly wonder if they could actually make it more interesting, like turning on the music and sing and dance while doing it? I’m serious! Maybe I should suggest this to Mr. Fernandes.


  1. Nice to see some kuching photos. Glad that kuching no change??? haha, i wud b sad if i were u, wahahha. Glad to c that kui n yon photo. Tat yon as cook??? wahhahaha.

  2. haha i don't think so...yon just helping around.

    even both them got facebook lo, haha u quickly sign up liao:)

  3. The billboard is absolutely classic ! Everytime i went by, i'll will look at you ! and about about facebook ... when you sign up, do add us.. dun be like houg... we have 200 friends each but we dun have any mutual friends...ok tat's another classic too !

  4. haha, look at road for important!

    yalo the facebook one is really classic>_<