Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rocket United

walk by SS2 and discovered this shop. At first i thought it's a place for football fans to gather...cos Manchester United pop out from my head. then at second glance i see all the pictures of DAP...then i know it's a DAP shop.

Its feels like a very political driven concept (very obvious) and frankly I do feel a bit of discomfort as I walk pass the stall. It does not have the warm welcoming feeling of most coffee shop do.

But then I was driven by curiosity, after all, I’ve never seen or been to such store before. Then my mind starts thinking…hmm…what would their menu be like? Rocket Char-Kuey Tiaw? Rocket Fried Rice? Or Rocket Super Lunch Set~ guarantee to rocket you to the sky~~etc…etc…and suddenly it feels like fun!

The café started business since 8th August 2009. And the menu…first page explain a little history of forming of DAP…and the food list....Nope...there’s no Rocket Char-Kuey Tiaw or Rocket something something....just ordinary café food and drinks.

The price I think is slightly a bit high but it’s still normal price range for those food café in SS2. The food taste ok too. Just ok, not super nice or special.

The 1st floor has better looking and design! They got this big sofa whereby you can lay down and eat!

I think when next time there’s a DAP talk in town, it would be held there. So if you’re disgruntled with the government you can go to this place to eat and talk about politics with your friends as the environment would give you a mood to do so:P
But then, political oriented café may only appear to certain demographic of people so I’m not sure whether it’s really going to be a successfully business.

Then again, maybe their ultimate goal is not business but instead it’s politics. Would we be seeing any PAS café or UMNO café in future?

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