Monday, August 31, 2009

Selamat Menyambut Merdeka 2009.

I like this song...although it's originally is meant for KL 98 Commenwealth Games, but i think it's a good song for our country, something to make us proud of being a malaysian.

I used to be proud to be a malaysian, especially in my secondary school days. during Mahathir's time, whereby our country have alot of mega projects and we're able to steer our country out of the 97 economic crisis in our own ways.

Maybe those days of singing Negaraku weekly in school assembly and non-working life has those effects of making you a little bit more patriotic. I don't think i can say that now i'm just too involved in working life without having care at all to be patriotic or not. it's just that, as you can older and you get to know more things, especially bad news about your own country....that would make you lose faith in it.

For example after hearing news that say we're actually more develop than South Korea in the 60-70s...but look at them and look at us now. Singapore have no natural resources whereby Malaysia have plenty of them...but look at them and look at us now. It all comes down to managment.

Yes, of course we should be thankfull that we live in a harmonious society, if compare to Israel Palentine, Indonesia, least we don't have any violent racial riot since 1969. But then i believe we are more capable than that, we still have so much potential but sometimes....mismanagement just put them to waste. A lot of bright Malaysian talent prefered to work overseas not because they don't love our country but is more mainly because they find it not worth for them either economically,socially or politically to remain and work locally.

Government should pe more prudent to study other countries policy and compared it with ours, and should be brave to make changes where accordingly. Yes, unity is very important, but i find it unfair and sometimes silly for government to almost say something like can't do this..this will ruin the unity of the country...blah blah blah...

Sometimes i feel like as long as the government think that if there's no racial riot, then we've no need to make changes for improvement and therefore developement slows down. Unity should be just the first stepping stone of many more good things to come. I believe we can do better.

Wishing Malaysia a happy 52th Birthday and a better future:)

P.S. Sign...i wonder how's Petronas or TNB Merdeka Advertisment without Yasmin Ahmad...


  1. yeah..i love tis song too..still remember ella sang tis song at 98 commenwealth games opening ceremony meanwhile 光良品冠sang the世界因爱发光...both of them awesome!!!

  2. yeah..both are memorable songs...i actually got the inspiration to write this post after i heard the song from car radio:)