Thursday, March 25, 2010

CNY 2010 - The Year of the Tiger.

Hehe i know it's a late very late entry...anyway here it goes:P

Farewell to the Bull which has worked hard and passed a year of much economic turbulence and change.

This year we celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year of the Tiger, a beast that is traditionally regards a totem to ward off evil spirits.

Chinese worldwide celebrate this special occasion and I’m grateful and glad that I’m able to make it home for the family reunion dinner.

This year, the first day of CNY falls on February 14, yup the same date as Valentine Day! So some people couldn’t celebrate it on that day as they’ll be going back to hometown to celebrate CNY. I quite pity the flower sellers because they need to work on CNY and I don’t think the sales would be good for them as most people would be busy with CNY.

Beside all the Ang Paus, delicious food, beautiful fireworks, holidays spirit, I think the most important part of CNY is because for some, it is the only time of the year for friends and family to meet up together.

Specially for those not staying in hometown, like me I’ll go for family and friends gathering and to catch up on status as some of them I would only meet up once a year.
Visiting and planning gathering can be quite difficult as you get older you’ll have more different commitments and somehow you’ll feel more lazy>_<.

This CNY holiday I didn’t managed to find up most of my friends compared to last year. Sign…I guest I need to be more aggressive in visiting next year. I didn’t managed to sing karaoke too…big big sign…I was wondering whether my age of karaoke has passed and is now on the declining stages? Huh? Nooooooo…Tidakkkkkkk….Wo Bu Yao~~~~ T_T

Therefore I sincerely apologize if I couldn’t meet up with some people or didn’t send them CNY sms haha. (Now got facebook ma…) But really I still want to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year and may the roaring tiger brings you and your family an abundance of happiness and health! (and some extra wealth too!)