Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laughing At Our Differences

I stumble upon an entry of Mr. Jam about various jokes from different religion some time ago. I was quite amazed at seeing such topics especially those Muslim jokes whereby even living in Malaysia, a Muslim state I’ve never heard or read upon it before.

The jokes posted consisted of religion like Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Hindu alike. Haha, if the writer is in Malaysia, I think he would be in big trouble as our authorities aren’t that open minded sadly to say. Oh well, can’t blame them, we are still a developing country, not fully developed yet.

But what really amazed me more is that the respondent and the community of that blog. They are from different corners of the world with different ideology, religion, culture but yet still be able to talk and laugh out their differences in a mature, constructive and funny way.

Wow…behold the power of internet. Bridging different communities together to even people that never met each other before!

The world consists of many different people and therefore we need to learn to respect our differences. It’s the differences that make things special and unique. If everything is the same it would be very boring right?

Sign…but some people use this special difference to set path for conflicts. Perhaps it’s their inner ego of wanting to be special thus would reject people different from them. Alas…this prejudice is mostly taught consciously or sub-consciously from parents to their child. A child can easily be-friend another child, as they are not bonded by this adult rules, that is until they become adults themselves.

Hmm… no wonder in the movie Knowing, the aliens only come to save children and not adults.

Hmm….will the day come when we Malaysians can sit down and chat and laugh at our differences?


  1. well, u do c it happening among sensible malaysians of different race and religion. U just wont c it in open media and politics, dun even dream to c that happening :)

  2. wonder rich malaysian chinese and indians would migrate to other countries...