Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

i saw this movie's trailer from facebook posting and think it's quite nice and it would be worth a try to watch.

And after watching it...what i can only say is...Two Thumbs Up!
wow, for the first time after watching movie for so many years...finally there's a Malaysian movie that i can be proud of!

Kudos for all the team behind the movie and for Ah Niu's hard work. The storyline is quite simple actually but with the right story telling and Ah Niu's down to earth humour and originality it can turn out to be a good movie.

It really reminds me of my good old childhood days (although i didn't play guli or fighting fish haha) those innocent's your lifetime's treasure worth remembering. I think it's this simplicity that touches the audience.

This is Ah Niu's first movie as a director for the big screen, and for a first timer, it is quite good! you can feel that alot of effort has been put into this movie, All other Malaysian Singer like Victor Wong, Gary Chou etc appears first time in movies and did a good job too.

The cinematography is quite impressive as well! i think this is a big leap for Malaysian movie. The camera, the angle, the lighting...i think it has those quality of those Hollywood movie!It feels so natural and comfortable when watching the whole movie.

Haha, if you're a Malaysian and haven't watch this movie yet, do go to the cinema and give your support!;D

P.S. Wait for the credits to end before leaving as there's something at the end too!


  1. hey do you know what's the ending after the credits? cause when it was ending, the cinema switched off the movie suddenely.

  2.'s a cut scene...whereby they film "radio" speaking something, then suddenly ah niu and sing jie jump in and pour water on him:P