Saturday, May 8, 2010

Street Fighter Legacy

wow, saw this video via a friend's link in facebook...and all i gotta say is...awesome! double awesome! Finally..for god's sake, a Street Fighter film that is loyal to the Video Game.

It is only a 3 minute short film, but i do hope that it can be made into a movie. The slow time fight scenes look good, and yes...Hadoken and all the essential combo all are available:D

For Video Games turned Movie genre, the character is the most important and must look as similar to the original Video Games as possible. From the short clip, yes...i'm happy to see that...especially the actor playing Ryu is not fully Ang Mo. Ken really looks like the Video Game's copy. Getting martial art based actor is also a lot better than getting actors who don't and requires additional training, because all this would contribute to the quality of the fight scenes.

Their custom and cinematography are great too! The little watery effect makes them look somehow real and somehow CGI. Yes..i like this effect becomes it looks more like a Video Game Character + Live Action Character effect hahaha.

Previous SF films are just terrible, the director's doesn't seem to play the game before and don't pay attention to detail. Remember the Jon Claude Van Damn as Guile in SF? Ngaiti...crappy storyline and i hate the fact the Ryu who is supposed to the main character is downplayed as a side kick. Many of their character outfit and looks poorly resemble the Video Game character.

SF - The Legend of Chun Li, hmmm....this film is much better than the first SF movie. First,Actress is pretty. Things i don't like is that Balrog/Vega the masked guy is not cool enough..although there's many improvement that can be done, but at least it raise up the standard of what SF movie should be...the ending that shows they will be looking for Ryu packs a punch! BTW, did anyone notice that Chun Li's master is actually the Mortal Kombat's Liu Kang?>_<

Hmm...All things said, i really hope that they can make it into a good movie this time around:D

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