Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Wing Chun Encounter

Fully fuelled up after watching IP MAN & IP MAN 2, I started to search on the web to see where I can learn it in PJ area. Then I found one which is: Lara’s Place at SS2. The place is actually some sort of activity center where the Wing Chun class seems to be renting the place for the training. It is located in the same block as “New Paris Restaurant”. It is on the 1st floor whereby you need to go up a lift as I didn’t see any staircase.

Anyway I was told I can get a free trial on phone, but when I arrived I was asked to pay RM10 if I want to participate in the training. Oh well…the best way to experience one’s martial art is to take part in it yourself instead of just observing from the bench.

As I entered the room I was surprise to see a diverse group of people practicing there. People of all races, ranging from secondary school goers to 40plus uncle and aunties all train together there which feels a bit overcrowded.

But anyway it is ok because Wing Chun uses more hand technique and less leg technique because kicking would require more space. The class began with practicing the stance and how to move around in their stance, I wasn’t able to join in until the second session due to space limitation.

The second session we practice “Chi Gong”, whereby it train us to clear our mind, to focus on our flow of body energy while doing minimal subtle hand movement. Haha I don’t know whether I explained it correctly but it is quite aching for beginners as there are many movement that requires you to hold your hands up for a long, long time. It seems like eternity but I believe it is also one part of that trains your discipline and focus.

They say the basics is the most important step in doing everything, get the basic right before you can proceed to other advance method, although it is very tempting to just start off with the more flowery pattern the seniors there did.

The third session is what I most anticipated, the punching session! Hell Yeah~
I’ve done a bit of reading on Wing Chun before and it seems that Wing Chun punch is quite different from other martial arts punches. I was quite disappointed as I got defeated at this early basic stage already.

Wing Chun basic punch is straight and forward, the punch extend in a straighter line from your body and your right hand thumb will be either facing the top or outward right against your body and does not apply waist energy. conclusion-vertical punch.

I find this very hard to achieve and adjust as I’ve trained Soo Bahk Do for a few years and Wing Chun punch is like the other way around. Soo Bahk Do’s punch launches from the sideway of your body to the middle, the punch will twist your wrist and your right hand thumb will be facing to the left and does apply waist energy. conclusion - horizontal punch.

I applied a lot of Soo Bahk Do punch instead as I found it quite hard to throw away the habit as it already sticks to me like instinct. My body reacted naturally like it’s hard to control sometime. Old habits die hard.

Sign…now I understand the frustration of entering a new martial art. It is really not that easy as one should somehow throw away previous martial art habit and start all over like a plain white paper. Wow, then I really do admire those martial artists out there that can master many different martial arts.

Conclusion, I think Wing Chun is not suitable for me. However I would have continue if I’ve never learn any martial art before, as Donnie Yen looks so cool while practicing it with the wooden dummy:P


  1. wow..u really went to try it...not least try something new....

  2. haha yalo...trying out new thing makes life more interesting:P