Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robin Hood

Can anyone tell me why the arrow is at the inside (on top of the index finger instead of thumb,like the pic below) is there any difference by the way?

Everyone knows the story about Robin Hood, i was quite curious and skeptic why they wanted to make another film about it. i initially thought it would be a remake of previous robin hood films, initially i also feel that Russell is a bit too old for the role (previous Robin Hood actors are quite young looking) and i think he's too muscular to be an archer...hmm...i mean...when is the last time you see a muscular archer? Usually if you're muscular, it'll be more practical to be a "Tanker". But then...with Russell Crowe + Ridley Scott Gladiator Combo i figured that it would be a worthy movie to try.

wow...and what a remarkable movie it turn out to be! The whole movie is actually the prequel to Robin Hood, the story behind and before how Robin Hood become the legend and familiar folklore.

Yes, there's many medieval sword clashes and arrow barrage to be expected from the film and some scene maybe a little violent for young kids:P Russell Crowe as expected from an Oscar winner did a very good job and he portrays a more tougher and meaner,yet sometime also can be humorous Robin Hood.

Hmm....but my most favorite Robin Hood actor is still Kevin Costner. Beside more good looking, he possessed some style and charm that Russell didn't have. Oh well..then again, it would be weird if a tough guy looking Russell to behave otherwise. Hmm...Kevin Costner's The Prince Of Thieves is just epic.

Then there's this funny Robin Hood i saw before. The most funniest scene i can remember is Robin using an iron wrist glove to slap someone as revenge when the other guy slap him using a leather wrist glove:P

My gf asked me why they get an older actress to play Lady Marian, hmm...oh well...i guess that is to fit Russell's age. If is too young then it would look weird. But the actress did perform a good job too. As conclusion, it's a movie worth to watch at the cinema and a great story but there's some part along the Two and Half hours long movie whereby the tempo is a bit slow.

Haha, i've been on a movie streak lately every Wednesday movie night...starting with IP Man2,Iron Man2,Robin Hood, plan to watch Prince of Persia when it hit the big screen soon. many summer blockbuster this time around yahoo~

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