Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Captain Malaysia

I was doing a facebook quiz - Which Marvel superhero are you?

I got Captain America as my result.

My friend, Mike suggested that I just need to change the five star into fourteen star and add a crescent moon then I'll become Captain Malaysia!

As i was LOLly, (laughing out loudly) Inspiration struck me and i actually think this can be a good idea! Not me being a superhero of course, but the changing of the design.

It is quite easy to design Captain Malaysia due to it's flag similarity with the USA flag.

Actually since primary school i was wondering if our Malaysian flag is copied from USA.

So i rush and grab my pencil began to draw a rip off version of Captain America and incorporating my friend's idea and adding some design myself too. I figure that i should color it to make it more eye-catching, which i glad i did.

I was doing what typical Malaysian do best. copy-cat other country's work of art and turning it into our own. Yeah, Malaysia Boleh! Hey, before you complain, be reminded that after Captain America, there's also Captain Canada, Captain Britain.

Oh well, to spice it up, I didn't just stop at re-designing the star. I replaced Captain America's antenna wing to Petronas Twin Tower mini replica! The fourteen stars is very difficult to draw so i didn't draw it accurately. I even made up stories like actually on Captain Malaysia's chest there is a fourteen star shape scar that he obtained during the communist insurgency. Hmm...something like that to make it cool, i wonder if i should continue to imagine more and then maybe i'll get a complete story!

Finally, i've also decided on a tagline for Captain Malaysia!

Captain Malaysia, Every Country Needs a Hero!

You know, in case they decide to make it into a movie, a superhero movie is not cool without a cool tagline!

Things would not be so great if i did something that many people already did. So,I google it to see if i'm the first one to design it, but unfortunately someone else did it first. And the photo got copyrighted some more! Don't Play Play!

Oh Dammit! But anyway, ladies and gentlemen let me present you, my latest syiok sendiri piece of art, Captain Malaysia!

Teng, Teng, Teng! Oii...please clap hand lar~


  1. =.=!!!!!!!!!!! Captain Malaysia wont survive in Malaysia, definitely go into jail under ISA, lol

  2. Aiyo that is the saddest thing for a superhero, ends up in jail! If even a superhero ends up in jail, then there's no hope for the country!

  3. oh thanks for dropping, yeah will go read your blog. nice background music - "kiss the rain"

  4. wow ken, you even come out with the storyline! next thing to do is to look for funds to make the movie! lol~