Friday, November 26, 2010

Spoiling Myself!

I'm not the type that would spend RM10++ for a coffee, it is insanely overpriced and its only meant for the high society people. It is nice i agree, but i find it hard to find this as a reason to go to Starbucks even though i am a regular coffee drinker.

But today, i am sort of stuck in Low Yat Plaza waiting for my gf to finish her annual dinner. So the only place i can think off to kill time alone is to sit at Starbucks and online.

As i sit back relax, enjoying the jazz music and cool environment and taking a few sip. I suddenly feel like i'm in paradise and life is beautiful!

Especially while watching outside the glass window where people are busy with their life, but in contrast inside here i'm just relaxing and being idle, Damn... it feels good!

No wonder it's so expensive, you're paying for the experience too.

One should spoil and pamper themselves once in a while. A good rest is to prepare yourself for a tougher day tomorrow.


  1. hmmmm....agree with u, nice post:)

  2. not every starbucks gives u this ambience

  3. xia: haha, if u not coffee drinker you can drink the vanilla ice-blend!
    yuen: hmm..yalo...i think becos tat day outside raining it was quite a contrast inside and outside:)