Sunday, November 7, 2010

Horse Ridding

My first ever horse ridding experience took place in Mini Malaysia, Melaka.

It's quite cheap RM5 and they would provide you a helmet and a guide will guide the horse around a straight walk, u turn and head off back to the starting places.

As i approach the horse for the first time, i was a bit nervous because due to its size. It's a few times bigger than you, and luckily they're herbivore! They have this step ladder for you to climb up to and As i sit above the horse, i was surprised to see that it's quite high.

The ride was a bit bouncy and it's quite nervous at first because thanks to Christopher Reeve's incident i was holding tightly to my seat. Horse ridding is a bit uncomfortable for my little johnny due to the bounce mentioned but then after a while, you'll get use to it.

At one point, i was suddenly very tempted to hit the horse at the back and say "Gi Dee Up" but luckily i'm able to resist it as who know what might happen if i do so.

I began to imagine myself as a medieval knight on a horse and slaying my enemies beneath me with a sword. Wow, it's actually quite difficult to do! You'll need to handle both your horse and your enemy at the same time, no wonder it requires years of practice.

Which reminds me of the Mongolian Horse Archers which can fire their volley of arrows at full gallop! wow, archery itself already requires a lot of concentration, what to say some more you still need to control your horse. Really hard and amazing!

I heard that this horses are those ex-racing horses that either is too old to run, or is injured to run. So they end up being amateurs riders. Hmmm...thinking back now, i feel abit pity for them not being able to run freely in the wild, splashing waters apart as they cross rivers etc as seen in many movies or pictures of horses.

Anyway, it is a fun experience, i feel like i've achieved a great feat that day, something good to remember:)

Thanks darling for help me take picture:)