Saturday, June 16, 2007

idea of working at home...

hmmm...regarding this, i would not bring work back at home to do, reason is, very obvious, as a employee there's no OT to claim. besides, i really think that home is a place to relax, to be yourself, you shouldn't take the burden of work back home.

unless some times of course, it's very urgent. then no choice lo. hmm...but i think it's different issue, if you're studying some thing regarding your work at home, self-study. haha, or in other word's i'm lazy at home.

but i dont' think i could concerntrate at home if there's work to do. cos when i'm at home i'm in a very relax position whereby i would just keep myself comfortable, do what i like, sleep watch tv, eat snacks..too much attraction, it's the same theory why i couldn't study at home last time, i need to go to library to study. so i think this goes also tat i need to go to office to work.

usually many articles would advice not to bring work home. you should spend more time with your family at home, or do the things you like to do. you should spend your own time, doing your own thing, because at office hour, you are using your time for your boss. so at home, you should relax, rite?

hmm...but in a way, i'm also very lucky that i could afford to do that currently, cos some people even take up double job, so virtually when they get home they just sleep and wake up work again to make a living. am i too relax?

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  1. well, well.......same here lah..though i need to do a lot of literature review and study for my coming project which is on lymphoma, but each time i'm at my new home........., i just got distracted from doing so......, i can do anything but just not the right things, too much temptations.....well......i certainly do hope i can focus,,,,,sigh...