Thursday, June 28, 2007

the death of the wrestler, chris benoit...

i was looking at yesterday and saw this suprising news, i click on the link that leads to the WWE website confirm it, wah's true. the wrestler, one of the best i think, killed his wife and son and commit suicide.

such a sad news, the report says that the reason is might because that chris benoit, took too much muscle building stuff which made him emotionally unstable, thus resulting in this tragedy.

this morining i also saw in sin chew newspaper regarding the news. i was suprise that the writter even know alot about chris benoit's details, such as his special technique the criple crossface, triple suplex, and power head drop (i think) becos i rarely see wrestling news in newspaper.

i've always enjoy his fight as he is very fightable, and tough, tat's why his name is "the wolverine". and also his strange name "benoit" is actually pronounce as "benwah". to see his death news, i think is such a tragic news for the WWE and its fans and for me too, although i rarely watch wrestling now, but still do and enjoy if have the chance.

here's the link to the article:

chris benoit


  1. hi,

    i think it's still unproven that chris benoit killed his family because of substance abuse. Although Anabolic Steroid was found in his home, but the police have indicated that it was a valid prescription drug.So categorically there is no proof that he was on a "roid rage" when he "killed" his wife and son.

    being a professional wrestler with a company like the WWE, demands a lot on the traveling portion. Rounding city from city in ended loop, from Backlash all the way to Wrestlemania, naturally will take some toll on ones well being. Considering that his child was special (x syndrome or something), a child like that needed more attention and care more than normal kids. And with Benoit's wrestling commitment, it tough to juggle that being a dad and a husband. I dunno what happen before and after, benoit's family meant a world to him.

    What drove a man to kill his own wife and son, and taking his own life, is an unspeakable horror. Whatever his reason maybe, right or wrong, the things he did for all wrestling fans in general, deserves a Wrestling Hall of Fame accolade.

    From what i see right now, the police handling the case is only interested in basking on the limelight considering the high profile of the victims involved.

  2. hmm...some insigh you got there, so u catch wrestling too? i've talk to my frens tat got watch WWE, they are all shock to hear the news.

    pretty sad we wouldn't be seeing him in the ring again.

  3. I WAS an ardent wrestling fan before, but stop watching ever since WWE decide change wrestling into a cheap soap opera. I catch TNA once in a while and their PPV is free after a few months.

    Fondest memory of all, Benoit + Guerrero + Malenko + Saturn = The Radicalz when they first show up in the WWE.

    He will be dearly missed. Can still play as him in WWE SVR 2007 game.

  4. oh..the radicals..if you do not mention i would forget already..

    yeah..although WWE turn into cheap soap opera, but it's kinda funny to watch those poor acting skills of the wrestlers,

    haha, note that the E of WWE stands for "entertainment". for me i pretty enjoy the dudley boys, "divon, get the table!" haha.