Monday, June 4, 2007

just follow law...

there are many movies this summer holidays to look up to:)

haha, among them i've seen spiderman3,pirate3, other that i would like to see: simpson the movie, transformers, shrek3, harry potter er..wat else ha?

so many US blockboster around, that i didn't take notice of one pretty good singapore film, entitled "just follow law" a jack-neo film. i watch it at my fren's house one evening. it show very funny issues concering some old government rules and how workers work by their rules. knowledge of singapore film are basically all jack-neo directed film, previously such as "money not enough" ,"i not stupid" and others. the movie carries on jack neo's tradition. very localise and has many funny hokien and chinese words and make fun of english and chinese translation. sure to make a good laugh, if you understand..tat is..hmm...not for international audience, just cater for certain audience film, but somehow you also feel more attach to it as you are more familiar with the surroundings and feel of the movie.

actually singapore culture not so different than malaysians, which potrays in the movie. oh well, we can understand the jokes, that means we're almost the same, haha.
good thing about the movie is that it's mostly comedy, with laughter all the way, but also got some touching moments..but overall i like the director's way of portraying society's problem in a comedic way. it conveys the message of the problems of society to audience and yet still manage to let the audience have a good laugh. haha i think that's one of the essence of comedy.

oh, ya a recommended movie to watch. you're sure to have a good time:)

here's a link to the official website. btw, the picture are taken from that website as well.

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  1. hey, dude.....i also wanted to watch this movie, my frens also said that this was a good comedy movie with education to the public.......haha, these days i rarely go cinema.....frens all balik hometown..or work dy...haha. have to wait for people to download and copy lo..haha