Monday, June 25, 2007

the origin of world of houg~

Again, welcome to world of houg!

"world of houg" is the name of my blog, which is based on my hotmail name. well, world of houg sorta means my world or kwang houg's world. haha, becos sometime i think i'm living in my own world, while i drifted into my own thoughts or while i'm doing my hobbies,cos sometime i get so involved and attach that i forgot everything else, as if me n my hobbies only exist in this world for that few moment.

why i came up to "world of houg" also got a story behind. when i'm thinking of a name for my first email account, i was thinking of using my name instead, but i think there's someone else already taken my name, hmm...same name with me? i don't really remember, so i think of other alternative name. then suddenly i think of my fren who's working part time at a store "world of cartoon". then inspiration struck me like a bolt of lighting, lah lightbulb. i replace the word "cartoon" with "houg" and pooooffff...

so that's how world of houg is created! i also like the name becos it has its own meaning (like wat i said above) and when people say it's creative, haha my nose would grow a few inch higher..

but also if people don't know my name, it would confuse them as "houg" is a name, not a verb or adjective and not found in dictionary. but what to do...haha.

that's all for this short post.

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