Thursday, September 27, 2007

a belated birthday gift

on wednesday i went on to my fren's b'day dinner without knowing tat it's her birthday. cos previously when i ask her got any special ocassion she pai seh say it's her b'day. haha it's partly my fault for not remembering, i've always depend on friendster's b'day reminder to remind me of my fren's b'day. n ngam ngam she dun play frenster.

so it's the first time i attend a b'day dinner without gift. i was very pai seh lo. i said tat i would surely give her sumting. she say tat in two days it's her chinese lunar b'day, so i still got chance.

so 2day i was hoping that inspiration would struck me cos i'm thinking of doing sumting DIY. suddenly it thought of y not draw her a potrait? haha, it's not common to draw a person's potrait for their b'day gift. n i think it would be special.

well as a backup plan, i also went to hock lee plaza to look for sum gift in case my drawing fail miserably. haha, owez have a back up plan! i've one metal cat thing tat can be use to put stuff n also luckily a correct size b'day box to fit it inside.

when i went home, then the real challenge begins, i've not always been good in drawing potraits. it's very hard but i think i'll still give it a try. i have a picture of her by my side and started to try to draw. it did not turn out as i wanted. so i just close the photo and just draw the way i feel like it. it ended up more like manga rather than real life potrait, haha. drawing real life potrait is still a long way for me. i make alot of corrections and end up with this:

oh well, tat is the best i could come up to at the moment, if u look carefully u'll surely to find mistake here n there. but if you just look from a certain distance, it's oklar~.

she likes cat, so suddenly inspiration struck me again. on the next page i draw this:

hahaha, it's a more kawaii version with cat's ear, whiskers and paws. i like this drawing better as i didn't use alot of my mind to think. it flow more naturally compare to the first picture as i was thinking too much to make corrections.

the picture is placed beneath the metal cat. the metal cat is covered with a layer of silver paper. so the picture at first is hidden as a suprise. after she take out the silver paper she will see the picture of her inside. then i give another suprise telling her to flip the page over to reveal the cat-woman version. haha i hope it would work out in sequence.

haha, hope she will like it:)

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