Monday, September 24, 2007

try this if you're feeling sleepy...

image taken from : here

i discovered this little technique back when i'm in form 5 studying for SPM at library. i was eating Hacks, and i have a piece of paper in front of me, i held the paper very close to my face and let out a deep breath onto the paper. to my suprise, the cool air generated from the Hacks sweet flow up the paper and into my eyes! thus for a moment i have a very sensual feeling tat straight away wake me up. haha, cool air blowing up right into my tired eyes. i even ask my fren to try it and they feel the same way too.

now do try it! it's fun. i think if use more stronger mint flavoured sweet like fisherman or Halls would be better but i haven't try it yet. haha.

oh, now i baru know, Hacks is from United Kingdom:)

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