Sunday, September 2, 2007

My first kiss...from a fren summore!

image taken from here.

me n a bunch of frens just came back from lim teh, and was heading to our cars. the place was dark in the carpark, it happen so suddenly, i have no time to react, she was too fast. ngaiti i've known her for bout 4 yrs, never expect tis would happen to me.

luckily there was only a few scratches only.

oh... forgot to mention, i meant her car kiss me, not mouth, >_<


  1. Nice one. I was about to write in to congratulate you until I read the last line~

    That must be a really hot and painful kiss ^^

  2. muahahahha....

    nolar, just minor scratches, hmm...the overall feeling is duno to laugh or worry.

  3. shock me, but cheh.........

  4. so kns la u ...i was so happy thinkin you finally had ur first..*wadever* til de last sentence -_-IIIIII

  5. Keep up the good work.