Tuesday, September 25, 2007

happy mooncake festival~

sign...no moon sighted tonight, wat is mooncake festival without the moon? well at least still got mooncake >_<

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hmm..i wonder if it's tat i'm working already i don't really feel the astosphere of mooncake fest this year as much as before. well at least one good thing is that boss allow us to go back early at 4pm:P

this year i just eat some mooncake, try to find moon but din find. mum couldn't find where she put tanglung so din put also. haha so tat's how simple it goes. last year i remember i was at china town's mooncake festival. i was helping my fren manning day dream's bbq lamb store.

image taken from: here

oh...i miss the old childhood days whereby i use to take those paper made round lantern which you carry around with a wooden stick and go out walking together in the neighbourhood with neighbours. bck then grandma when grandma is around, we would take out and put outside tables and chairs to enjoy da scenary, along with yummy mooncake, a good cup of tea and of course,peanuts.

haha, anyway happy mooncake festival to everyone~ 中秋节快乐!:)

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