Saturday, January 5, 2008

new year resolution 2008 took me quite a while to think about it. also i'm being lazy these few days.

but before that let me look back at my 2007 resolution and see how much i've done.

1. work hard, earn more money. hopefully dun spend more also, haha.
2. take up japanese language at swinburne japanese language club. gambate kudasai!
3. do more exercise at home. or dumb bell sitting at corner very lonely.
4. read more books! increase my limited knowledge. "if i could know it all, i will!
5. i wana say, hopefully found "the one", but haha this thing can considered a
resolution kah?

1. yes, i've work hard. learn quite alot of stuff from work. but i think should improve more. learn more skill enhancement stuff. especially those that can help me to get better paid. haha. see how it goes. as of spending, oh well, i did try to limit myself to play games at cyber. but i still cannot resist the temptation of karaoke>_<

2. unfortunately i've only attended 3 classess as the time is not suitable for me. too rush. but i did really enjoyed the class. arigato gozaimasu for the opportunity. who know i'll pick it up again?

3. hmm..exercise ar..recently picked up badminton with fren. as for the in house exercise at hum,i still need to work hard.

4. yeah, read some, i've bought a book called "lazy dog can even be important person". it's a short collection of many motivational and success stories. haha the title can be misunderstanding but that also the reason it attracted me to read. hmm..but still need to read more.

5. yeah, i got found "the one", in 2007 i get to know the ONE organization. so i'm still single. haha. maybe i should put my resolution to be more precise? oh well, i know this sort of thing cannot force, i'll just let it flow naturally like water.

hmm..this what i can think of for the moment. my new resolution is to still improve on the previous resolution. hopefully would get a chance to travel somewhere i've never been to before?

anyway wish everyone a very happy new year ahead.


  1. fren ... you dun find love, they find you. :)

    kudos on your choice to study japanese. It's a first class lingua franca in my honest opinion that is very rich in pronunciation and not to mention feeling damn cool speaking it.

    happy new year. mate.

  2. haha, i guess so... maybe i should do more charity instead>_<

    yeah, it's quite cool. especially if can speak very fast. just by watching anime itself you'll also get to learn some words.

    ahha, happy new year to you too:)