Monday, January 21, 2008

thanks my friends for a wonderful weekend

first of all, i would like to convey my greatest thanks to my friends who celebrated with me on my birthday last last weekends. haha, sorry i know this is a late post>_< me like everyone is busy preparing for chinese new year.

anyway i was thinking and abit worried how to celebrate my b'day. as i got a few different groups of people to consider, frens from secondary, uni, n work. but luckly as it was nearing my big day, one by one started to plan and invite me out and more luckly the time they selected also does not collide with one another! wah seh so accurate, so chun!

on 11 jan friday afternoon my colleage told everyone to get to the pantry to help catch mice. i was reluctant to go as i think u wouldn't need everyone just to go and catch mice. but in the end i get out of my seat and when i went there i saw the cake....wah i was so suprise! the witty organizer even carefully make sure we din notice the b'day cake. hmm..i dun really enjoy cheese cake, but i still eat two pieces haha.

the 3 january baby of my company:)
photograph complimentary of uncle lim

thinking back...ngaiti! i actually believe that about the mice! so easily to get fooled. hmm...need to improve on that>_<

next stop is saturday nite, whereby i go eat steamboat with my uni frens. after that we went to The Spring to take a walk. then later we decide to go for some drinks. while we're at 3rd mile area, i suggested to go the karaoke box to sing a few songs then drink as they are also karaoke kaki.

as the clock struck 12 they suddenly sing happy b'day song. hahaha. although it's not a big suprise...(shocking level not as the one by my colleages) as i already know the reason but they purposely din mention anything about it throughout the nite rite untill that moment. during the steamboat i'm also thinking whether they really did forgot or purposely dun say, haha.

i received a parker pen from them. haha, they say i can use it to sign autographs if i became famous next time:P thanks, kelly n teckboon.

on sunday morning, i went to popwave with my colleages and we took the lunch package. it's been quite a while since i went with them to was looking forward to it. and wah seh...there's another cake. this time is tiramisu flavour. yummy:)

i realize that i should preserve some energy for later that night as i would be going to popwave again with another bunch of frens>_<

so i didn't choose too many difficult songs. this is the first time i go popwave twice a day. but luckily afternoon got some time to rest. i don't think i would have the energy to go for two rounds straight.

at sunday nite i went with my frens to richmond's place. haha, my fren called it "rich man place". and then walao another cake...this time is american chocolate. wah seh..veli veli chocolate. the chocolate is so thick that i need some extra effort to cut through it. when i realize i should have taken the picture of the cake to put my blog...the cake is gone already:p

haha, i admit, i really like to eat b'day cake. when i c b'day cake, my eyes would brighten abit and my mouth would get wetter abit. cos b'day cake looks nice and taste nice. most importantly it's a gift full of happiness. so when u eat it, you'll also feel a part of the happiness.

i was very suprised that one of my fren who usually don't go singing turn up as well. he say this is my big day so he come...wah...feel so pai seh. but luckily he did have some fun as well at popwave there.

haha, so that's the summary of my b'day weekend. i would like to thanks everyone again who participated and help me to plan for it. really really thank you from the bottom of my heart. i dunno why, i just feel very gratefull lo, to have this bunch of nice people around to celebrate b'day with.

so, one of my b'day wish that i would always wish, is for this bunch of nice be happy and healthy:)

thank you. arigato gozaimasu!

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