Wednesday, January 30, 2008

another round of b'day dinner at chicago 7

thanks siao hui for burning the photo for me, haha.

oh well, i was wondering where to go next to celebrate my b'day with my daydream's frens. then i saw kenny sia's entry on chicago 7. that's why i decided to go there. i think kenny really did help to boost up the business. i wonder how many cow burger did he received from them, haha.

as my other frens also haven't went to that place, so i think might as well give it a try. it's fun to visit new place anyways. food wise, yeah i did try the cow burger, it actually taste not bad. the cow is sweet and taste different from other cow burger that i've eaten before.

hmm...but today i've heart that my colleage complained that he went there and ordered the chicken burger and the burger's meat is like a few piece of A4 paper only! haha so funny his description..

here's a summary of what i received this time, haha.

i received a mug, a big one indeed. i laughed saying that i normaly wouldn't drink so much water in a row. haha. but there's a wording in the mug saying "behind every successful person is a loving family". hmm...quite true also. if you got a family to take care of, that would drive and make you strive for more in life.

next is a water bottle. i laughed as i suddenly remember the last time i used a water bottle is in primary schools. cause in secondary school i switched to use mineral water, as it is more convinient and a less heavy. haha, i've received a mug and a water bottle, does that mean that i need to drink more water this year? :p

next is a pair of stocking and a wrist band. haha i've never use a wristband in games before, because i think it's quite unecessary and it's a bit show off. but i don't i'm gona wear it because of the wording. it says "Ali 23". in the field of basketball, everyone knows that the number 23 only belongs to Michael Jordan's Chicago Bull jersey. so ahahaha i forgive my fren who's not into basketball but to wear this Ali 23 wristband would be pai seh lo. >_< but nevertheless, thanks also.

next is a bird. i think it's a decorative wood made ostrich which has a clipper to clip messages.

haha but i like the bag more, which has a very cute bear singing.

i also received a Universal Rewards card from my friend for free! (it usually cost RM10). Universal Rewards card is something like a Bonus Link card, you can purchase many different kinds of products and collect points, difference is that the points collect are stored in the UR cards and you can use the point collected to directly buy other things at any UR store. i didn't take the picture of the card as the flash is too bright, but since my friend's selling it so i thought i should give him some support by writing in my blog haha. >_<

a million thanks, my friends, for all the gifts.

the best gifts i received that night are not these presents. but i received the news that one of my fren is gona get married! and she's gona get married and go live in australia. wah...we all feel very happy for her^_^

haha, tat's all for now:)

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