Monday, January 14, 2008

advertlets....disappointed lo.

first of all, i'm writing this post out from my own opinion, i'm not being paid haha.

well as you may know, Malaysia currently have two blog advertising company which is


Nuffnang being the first and Advertlets being the fierce competitor. from both reviews and experience that i have with them, i think that both have their own advantages.

there's an interesting article here that interviews the founder of both company.

from the interview you can see that founder of Advertlets is quite charismatic and agrresive in the interview. i myself is quite drawn to what he said.

the comment section is very interesting also, one new word that i've learn from the comment posted is "N.A.T.O" (No Action Talk Only) not the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization. One guy uses this abbreviation to describe the founder of Adverlets>_<

one guy complain that Advertlet's website design is very ugly and not so user friendly. this one i've gotta agree. i mean for an IT company this shouldn't happen rite? the navigation bar is very out of place, and the first page display is too big, (need to scroll up and down to see) Nuffnang's website looks much better.

so after i took some time studying both company, i'm thinking why not? i decided to put up both ads from both company in my blog. not that i'm hoping to be able to make big money, i'm doing it just for the fun of it.

but things are quite ok, untill last year the transition of 2007 to 2008, a few days advertlets encounter some problems, causing the blog that has advertlets in their blogs to be redirected to another webpage.

i was quite angry as i couldn't visit and update my blog. until to the state of tulan, i deleted advertlets from my blog. well, although advertlets did send an email to explain and appologize, but i'm still thinking, this sort of thing shouldn't happen to an IT company rite?

so currently, my tulan period have not passed yet. see how it goes. anyway competition is inevitable and it will be interesting to see how both companies grow and compete in the future.


  1. earn how much from ads from ur blog liao ? :)

  2. currently arr....

    a grand super total of RM0.40!