Saturday, May 3, 2008

rush rush KL adventure trip finale~

monday morning i have two interviews in which each is at both corner of town again. due to the fact that i don't think i've put up my best performance and now today it's the two last chances, i've better do my best.

the 1st interview in the morning i've arrived on time but waited for about half an hour before getting interviewed. feel a bit tulan but what to do... i still gave my best but they say they'll only be able to confirm with me within two weeks time. but the interview process itself is o.k.

the 2nd interview is at a big tower in damansara. wow..i've always fancy to work in a big tower. besides the great view from afar, you can also look out at the window into the distance and say like in the movies, "one day, everything i see here will be mine!" >_< haha...just for fun.

the 2nd interview is quite ok also eventhough i've been interviewed by three person at the same time. they would get back to me 2molo for my confirmation. at least this job i've more interest and i feel that i've better chance as the H.O.D hinted something like to offer me on the spot:)

haha, after the interview as i went to the ground floor i realize there's a mcd! oh no...if i work here. sure get fat and unhealthy haha. but still, i go there and give myself a good treat as a completion to my 4 interviews:)

when i catched a cab home, i also saw that the taxi driver is taking mcd takeaway. but then i see something a bit different about this taxi driver. so i ask him, "hey uncle, can i ask you something? y most of the taxi driver they don't mainly speak english but y you do?"

then we began a long conversation as he told me of his stories. he was once a businessman but got cheated by his partner that ran away with all the money, leaving him bankrupt. as he need to find new jobs, he found himself cannot catch up with the trend as he don't know anything about computers. then he also find it hard to learn again as he's quite old already. and now he become a taxi driver instead

i did try to advice him that it's ok if you don't know how to use a computer, ask someone else to do it for you! as long as you've experience in your field. you shouldn't be afraid of losing your competiveness. just like my sales manager who's a super salesman in heavy machinery and equipment, he's also not good at using computer but he ask our help to do the computing and reporting stuff for him.

sign...but it seems that he's too afraid to overcome new challenges. really a pity. worse of all, he also mention that he recently got robbed by two bangladesh in his taxi. he even showed me the bandage in his hand as he risisted and fight back.

sometimes, you can really think alot just by talking to even a taxi driver. i suppose everyone has their own stories. especially in a big city like KL. i'm feel very pity for him, and i bid him all the best in his future undertaking. i feel pity not because of he being rob, but that he lost his fighting spirit to learn new thing to keep up to trend.

from this conversation it made me feel that one should always learn to improve so that we would not loss our competitiveness and lose to the trend, else we would be replaced and become useless. haha,yeah the society real world is a harsh living place.

i've also have some conversation with my fren whereby he told me a story of his lecturer who find it too old for him to learn new programming languages and still uses the old programming language. it's a pity for him cos he've reach that kind of stage, whereby learning new things is very much harder compare to younger days.

i've also beginning to feel society's competitiveness as i reach KL. my fren advice me to get a master, if possible. i've also feel that i should, or get a professional certificate to sharp up my edge while i'm still young and able to learn more (although i'm not really good at study.) if i'm in kuching i surely wouldn't feel the need as life is slow and comfortable here.

haha, for a better future i should work hard. see how it goes. i've felt that i've learn alot from this KL trip and that the 500 plus of flight ticket is quite worth it.


  1. heya ur right... in such a fast paced world, we really gotta keep upgrading our skills..

    sometimes just feel like retiring in phuket or bali haha.. and let the world pass on :)

  2. ya, your'e rite.

    once in a while we should take a rest or just reward ourself, indulge and spoil ourself abit after a hard day's work to make it worth it.

    they say, the small rest is to go a further road ahead.

    all the best to you:)