Monday, July 2, 2007

karaoke in kuching~

last weekend was a karaoke weekend for me, really "song"!

friday, saturday and sunday went with different groups of frens to different place of karaokes. haha, at first when i go at friday and saturday i tot that maybe i should reserve some voice for 2molo, or else sing too "song" then lose voice for 2molo. but then i think again aiya, what the heck, i like singing and a bit thick face also mah, so i should sing as much as i like, haha. (luckily din lose my voice)

friday i went to Ah jian's place, (actually i forgot about the name of the place) this place was like the more usual or can i say traditional style of karaoke place. there's just one big place they have many tables and chairs, with some big projectors or tvs in front for the karaoke. you don't pay for the karaoke service itself, but pay for the extra expensive drinks. i think the only good thing is that you're in an open space in if you sing good, you'll get applause from other tables which is damn good feeling, haha

but they are many disadvantages as well, one major flaws is that you need to wait for your turn, one table may get 2or3 songs (depending on the amount of drinks you order), then pass to another table and other. so if they are more people, then you need to wait longer, and the wait can be very tidious sometimes. one thing is that in these open places, you can't hardly chit chat as the music would be very loud, if other ppl sing not good, you also need to endure the pain or supress yourself from laughing too loud. another major thing i don't like is that they would allow smoking in air-con that would be bad news for non-smokers like me.

saturday i went to saberkas, "sing song". the place is totally different from traditional karaoke place. the place is divided into multiple small boxes, where box there's room for maximum three people and a big tv in front. you pay RM1 for one song. the good thing is tat you don't have to wait for other people and it's non smoking too. for those shy singers this would be a better place for them as well, more privacy, but disadvantage is that it cannot hold more than 3 people, so it lacks the fun of many ppl singing together. but sometimes i do go there myself, to tryout to sing some new songs (testing by myself, if good then baru wil sing in front of others) and also to sing some crazy song (haha, cos some songs wouldn't appeal to the general public which is best left alone)

sunday i went to podwave, the newest? in pentanak. they follow the same idea as redbox in kl. They have small rooms to fit about 5-10 or more people. you pay for the karaoke services by head count hourly or by packages. the place is good as it's somehow combine the best advanatages of the two karaoke place above, more space, no need to wait for others. and it has many new songs. but well, it's more expensive.

but there's one packages that we take and i would like to recommend, which is quite reasonable. it's RM13.90 per head. you get to sing for 3 hours, with lunch provided. the time is from 11am to 2pm. the lunch is simple rice, soup, meat and vege but it taste suprisingly good! it's also my first time experience to eat and sing...i remember when it's my turn to sing, i didn't sing the first few sentence as i still got some rice in the corner of my teeth.

karaoke is quite a fun hobby. most importantly is not whehter you can sing well, but to have fun! the fun you get from having a group of frens singing together (although may not sing well) is much more compare to the fun of having just one person singing.

so that's all for now, haha. cheers:)


  1. k, lets break de windows with our voice actually..wakakaka

  2. You should be the next auction announcer... my fren. :P

  3. wah, i tot u went to kelly only who knows 3 days straight.

  4. haha, if i have a mic in my hand and if i'm feeling crazy, i would need to resist the urge to say it out loud....

    "if you smellllllllll........what the rock is cookin"

    but i would really need to polish up my word pronouncing skill clearly.

  5. haha ...

    dun forget to add the word "Jabroni" first ..