Sunday, July 22, 2007

kl? kuching?

i've been thinking about this for a while, whether i should stay here and work at good old hometown kuching, or go pia and chong at kl for my career.

well, there are many reasons behind this as well, one thing is that they say young people should workhard and go for it! (pia and chong) when they are young for their career, hence i have this urge to go kl find work, (hmm....cos kl more frens there, singapore less fren and more expensive, so not consider singapore for the moment)

but then reality sets in, well, if i go kl work, i would need to pay for my living expenses, so...ahah, and you know, kl living expense higher in kuching, so might not be able to save some money at all. compare if i work in kuching, at least i stay with my parents, got car to drive, got frens to find, haha then at least still can save some money. in kl beside money problem also face security problems, life is also more hectic there, unlike here easy going.

that's why i come to conclusion to work at kuching here first, get a few years experience then decide again. at least if i got a few years work experience then i would be better equipped compare to a fresh graduate. haha, although my work is quite busy, but i still a bit afraid working in kuching would make me feel too safe and protected. haha, as they say "when you're in the comfort zone, you wouldn't work hard". haha, but i also think like this:" if you're comfortable, y choose to be uncomfortable?" . why go kl to work when i know it'll be hard and tough on me, just for experience? see, i have two side of me contradicting myself. i lack the courage to try? or do i lack the wisdom to decide which one suits me better?

well, for me, i like to live things normal, so kuching would be ideal place. but again, the urge to go kl work is still strong. because when you get older, you tend to lose more of your fighting spirit, beside i've never experience living indepently. haha but i do consider my family commitment here in kuching. i'm quite bonded to my brothers and cherish my frenship here so if i go, i'm afraid to loose it.

haha i told my fren, if we work here and work quite good, then no need to consider to go kl work, haha, go kl play better:)

actually i almost decide to go kl oledy, cos i've been finding jobs for a while after i graduate but stil couldn't find suitable one. but then i landed to my current job now. so i would work hard for maybe one or two years, learn as much as i can, gain valuable experience. then i would decide again.


  1. LIving expenses in KL is higher compare to Kch but de salary is also higher den here too...

  2. Between Penisular Malaysia and Singapore ... i'd say Singapore is much better. Especially when u manage to get PR.

    KL salary is high ... expenses is high too. I've work there close to 3 years. And i can tell u that .. money easy come .. money easy go. Obviously there is too much temptation there.

    If your still single, working overseas wouldn't be much of a problem. Because there really isn't a commitment yet. I'm talking about, if you have a steady gf or there is a plan to get married.

    Indeed it's tough to be outside the country all by yourself. But no one ever said that life is easy. :)

  3. hi, as i'm a person who long to be independent and having my own life, i would support the idea of going KL or anywhere far enough from home. Well,no doubt the living expenses and life in KL is tougher, however this is compensate by higher salary, easily rm1000sthg-2000sthg job is availabe, depending on which job and company. Of coz, landing on a job you wanted is not that easy....that's life. Mayb because you are a more family-centred guy, being eldest too, where the eldest seem obligated to take care of the family/home.......etc, but have you ever thought of experiencing sthg different?? e.g, having total freedom(not doing sthg wrong/sinful)to manage and shape your own life, a life in a bz congested KL, wat's the experience of doing tis and away from the help of family and known frens...etc. To me, that's how people grow up, being at a stage of managing yourself, your future, your financial, your time, meet new ppl...... through all the hardships face when alone, without the comfort zone. i think to me these things are hard to learn when u r near to home, security, warmth, familiarity :)
    oh well, it really depend on what kind of life you wana take time to think bout it...

  4. thanks guys for the comment:)

    really appreciate it, haha:)