Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the new seven wonders of the world

hmm....this post may be a bit late (this few days nite all go out:P), but still i wana talk about it anyway.

The new seven wonders of the world is declared on the eventfull day at 7th July 2007 or 07/07/07 at Lisbon, Portugal after a global voting by internet, sms and telephone.
so here's the list:

1. Great Wall of China
2. Christ the Redeemer of Brazil
3. Petra of Jordan
4. Machu Pichu of Peru
5. Roman Colosseum of Italy
6. Chichen Itza of Mexico
7. Taj Mahal of India

There's one special honorary award which is for the Great Pyramind of Giza, the sole survivor from the ancient seven wonders of the world. The other six wonders of the ancient world lies in crumbles or is lost. We must really give credit to the Great Pyramids, imagine how could they build such a BIG building with such precisions 5 thousands years ago? And yet it still survive proudly until today.

Well, they are many critics saying that the voting are not fair and all that stuff as the organization cannot stop people from voting more than twice. haha, imagine if all the citizen of China cast one vote, i suppose the organization must have a hard time counting too. The candidates that won celebrate around their monuments while the lost, oh well....nobody like to lose.

among the seven candidates, six are buildings, one is statue, which is Christ the Redemeer. Well, in my opinion although Christ the Redeemer have religious significant, but still, it's only a statue. compare to the rest, which are great big building or super structure, you know the ones that takes thousands of slaves and sacrifices to build. haha, i think that's my idea of ancient great buildings or super structure. and besides, it's not so old if compare to the rest.

haha, sorry if i hurt any feelings, no offence. Just that in my idea, "wonders" should be BIG, the BIGGER the better.

Example BIG as in The Great Wall of China scale. It's the longest man made structure ever. Well, as a chinese i should talk something about the Great Wall:) I've read article and picture that the Great Wall is the only man made structure that can be seen from the moon. Now, most part are being overgrown with vegetation and plant, only some site they maintain it for tourist as it would really cost a forturne to maintain everypart of it. There's a chinese saying “不到长城非好汉" which roughly translate that if you haven't been to the great wall, you're not a good,true chinese! i should plan a trip in my life time to return to the place of my roots.

Another thing i would like to talk about is the Taj Mahal, i've heard that the marbles that made the buildings is threat to corrosion. And The King who built the Taj Mahal as a tomb for his Queen, i've heard that in story he actually plan to build one black one for himself but the construction of Taj Mahal nearly drain the country's economy that time. if not, we would now have two buildings instead of one.

hmm...that's all for me for now, for more information you can check it out at wikipedia or


  1. why must it only be 7 at one time only ?
    why must vote one ?
    if it's one of a kind ... it should be Xth wonder of the world.
    feels like a reality tv already..

  2. well, i think because humans are very fascinated by the number 7.

    e.g., there's the film - seven samurai, the seven sword, the magnificent seven, seven years in tibet

    the story book- the secret seven,

    the singer group- s club 7,

    the manga/anime- eureka seven,

    the seven seas, seven-elven.....

    hmm...the mysterious magic number 7.

  3. hey
    i agreed v 1 point of yours which is the statue in brazil. i dun really think it should be consider as a wonder. Y?? i have the exact same opinion with you which is the wonder of the world must be something really great, have a long history value, a symbol of civilization, ...etc, not just a statue, haha.

  4. yalo yalo, the bigger the better haha.