Saturday, July 14, 2007

More than meet the eyes- Transformers

image of optimus prime v.s. sorry-i-forgot-who's-this-robot taken from:

i'll like to talk about my most anticipated movie this year, transformers which i just watch at cinema recently.

For most male audience around my age, they would have watch transformers cartoon when they're young. i was quite a fan by then, so naturally i'm very anticipated to see the show on big screen for the first time. Earlier trailer doesn't show alot of actions so i was a bit disappointed, but later trailer shows more which made me more inclined to watch.

but i was quite suprise than this movie also received alot of positive feedback from female audience, cos mostly they didn't watch the original transformer cartoon...hmm...i think that's the success of this movie. one of my fren even say if you have watch transformers, you can throw away all the movie you have watch this year!

Some people got comment that some of the actions sequence is too fast and couldn't distinguish which one is bad or good, but for me i think it's still ok, as i know the characters already haha. too bad, there's not much robots as in the cartoon, but hopefully the director would shoot the transformers sequel. i've read about it in newspaper, he say that he would consider if the box office is good, haha hopefully they would be one.

i was a bit disappointed because they didn't include some of the characters like soundwave, in which mini casket can came out from his body and transform into small robots, (i've seen the movie producers discuss about this issue in their official website, seems that they choose frenzy over soundwave because of the plot issues) and also the dinobots, and construction bots, which both can combine into a larger robots, would be so cool...haha perhaps in the sequel..

hmm...if this's gona be a trilogy movie, i hope that second episode would include more robots, and larger battle scale, the third they will go back go cybertron! yes, cybertron and fight the gigantic unicron. wow...

haha overall, it's a great and entertaining movie to watch. i've found a very funny youtube transformers video which the dialogue is edited by fans. enjoy.

Autobots, transform and roll out!

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  1. Don kek me kwang houg...i know i din show up and missed the movie and yet hafta pay RM9 to one of u sad =(