Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

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hmm...some how the character standing arrangement reminds me of x-men or other movie.

well, this movie was not one of my most anticipated film this year, but i still curious to see it, having seen its previous movies. The last movie-"The Globet of Fire" was very good, i'm not a Harry Potter fan and i didn't read the novel but i quite enjoy it.

most people say about the order of phoenix is that it's not so gud. i think maybe it's because the previous movie's standard is higher so if you make comparision it is not as good as the previous. but if you judge indepently, i think it's still quite ok. it's stil a movie worth to watch at cinema.

i stil enjoy the feeling of seeing magical wonder in the film, or some intense spell fighting n some funny moments, haha or maybe i don't really complain alot when watching film. cos i think that if you complain too much you tend to lose the joy of watching. so normaly i just relax, clear my mind and get into the film itself.

After watching, when i was half way walking down the stairs to carpark i suddenly found my car key missing! wah so kinteo....quickly go back to the cinema, people are starting going into the hall for the next movie, luckily the lights haven't dim, i told the ticket boy at the door and he lead me in.

luckily it was there at my seat! and my seat is not occupied by people yet. it must have trip off when i put my legs up at the seat because it's a bit cold. i even saw other frens at the front row of my seat, he say if he found it then he pay for one movie and get one free car!

after i went out of the hall, my fren who's with me say she couldn't find her she went with the ticket boy to her seat but couldn't find it... she later think carefully and figure that she might left it at her house. hmm....luckily she did. luckily i found my car key.

or else one lose car one lose handphone. wah....really lucky.

here a picture i found in google, haha...harry potter simpson version
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