Tuesday, October 2, 2007

gifts! gifts! gifts!

haha, one funny thing is tat on my fren's b'day dinner i also got received gifts! hmm...come to think of it, i think it's also the first i got received gifts while attending other's people b'day.

well, one thing is that my other two frens just return from their trip so they bought back some gifts. one went to Bali, haha, my fren say tat it looks like a bigger version of Damai. cos i see in some of the resthouse and inside the hotel room it looks a bit like Damai's design. hmm...maybe same designer? haha. i received a surfing board keychain from Bali. hmm...last time i've read in newspaper saying tat after the unfortunate terrorist incident, expenses in Bali drop. hmm..wondering whether would consider to go there in future.

the other went to singapore, melaka n kl. i've received a bear doll from singapore tat can be tied on handphone one. when i'm ask whether i would put it at my handphone i told them tat the bear's very cute, it would make me look less "man" if i put it at my handphone. they laughed and say tat they've lost confidence in me being "man" since from long time already....haha aiyo...i think maybe i should look at the wall and think about my mistakes after this haha:P

finally the shoe is all the way from Holland. it's a miniature version of the Holland's trademark giant wooden shoe. haha i think this is the most farthest gifts i've ever received so far. actually the shoe is given earlier by another fren who cannot make it to the dinner. i just display it and take together with them so that i can make a super combo of gifts.


haha, it shows the bear wearing the holland shoe and surfing!

thank you very much guys for the gifts:)

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