Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dragon Wars~ 14th September 2007!

image taken from here

was browsing around, and found this!

i quickly went and see the trailer! wow! lots of giant beast fighting around in cities, plenty of destruction! the dragons also looks cool and very real.

n it's gona show soon! eh, how come i've never heard of it previously? secret marketing? i hope they would also screen it in malaysia! very looking forward to see it. but i hope da storyline would be good also.

i've always like these magnificent flying beast since young. and in this movie, there's not one, but plenty of dragons! cos compare to previous movies, there's always one or few dragons shown only, e.g. eragon, godzilla (if u consider tat a dragon:P).... wow, but compare to this full scale battle between dragons, ngaiti i kenot imagine how cool would it be!

one thing good is tat it also shows eastern type dragon, which is more serpent like compare to the usual western type dragons. cos hollywood movies rarely (actually, i've not seen one yet) show eastern dragons on the big screen. i prefer the eastern chinese type dragons as i think it's looks more cool when they are flying like snake gliding in the air,compare to western type tat uses wings to flap. haha the more variety the better of course!

for more information you can visit the official website at www.dragon-wars.com

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